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LANDED is a young persons charity that provides and promotes peer education services for young people and service providers in Lanarkshire.

Many schools are expressing concerns relating to the number of young people posting sexually explicit or indecent images of themselves and others on online platforms. Many young people believe that this type of behaviour has become a social norm, and do not realise the longer lasting implications of these kinds of behaviours.

Recent discussions with Police Scotland in Lanarkshire identified instances of sexting amongst children as young as eight, and police officers have stated that there is a growing concern that young people may limit their life chances if they are caught possessing or distributing images of this nature.

In an attempt to address this issue and raise awareness of the legal implications of sexting, LANDED Peer Education Service delivered a presentation to all pupils in all year groups on Monday 20th March. The purpose of this presentation was to explore the issue in more detail and provide guidance on how the law relates to these practices.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey at the link below ----


As you may be aware, the Council’s income from government grant is falling and at the same time as demand for our services is increasing. The Council has had to achieve significant levels of saving in recent years, and that remains the case as it plans for 2017/18 and beyond.

This has resulted in difficult choices having to be made. The removal of patrollers from locations which no longer satisfy the current criteria for the provision of a patroller was one of these decisions, having been taken at the 24 February 2016 meeting of the Executive Committee.

Further to this, savings proposal CER62 was approved by the Council on 16 February 2017 which is a continuation of the savings approved in 2015/16 involving the withdrawal of lunchtime provision at all sites and the withdrawal of provision at any existing sites which would not satisfy the current criteria for provision of a patroller.

Read letter here

To mark the end of our S6 students’ journey at Carluke High School, we host a farewell leaving ceremony. This gives us the opportunity to acknowledge the 6th years’ time and effort with us and allows a more formal goodbye.

The ceremony this year will take place on Thursday 27th April from 4 – 5pm approximately in the Street area.

Please note the date has changed. (It was originally Wednesday 7th June).

To book places for the ceremony, please go to http://www.parents-booking.co.uk/carluke

This link will be live from Tuesday 28th March 8am and will close on Monday 24th April 3.30pm. If you need any assistance in booking, please contact the school office on 01555 773680 on Tuesday 28th March.

Please note that you do not need to book places for your child.

This year’s SQA examinations begin on Tuesday 2 May.
All pupils in S4-S6 will have exam leave from this date.

Therefore, all pupils in S4-S6 should be in all classes until the end of the school day on Friday 28 April.

Please note that pupils should be in school uniform at all times when sitting exams, or visiting the school for revision purposes.
Pupils who are not in school uniform may be sent home.

All pupils should return to school on Monday 5 June.

I would like to wish all pupils every success in the exams.
Mr Smith


will be held in the Drama Studio on Wednesday evenings, 3.40pm-4.30pm by Mrs Taggart, covering all aspects of the course.

On FRIDAY 24th MARCH we will be supporting WWF Earth Hour by wearing ONE item of bright clothing along with FULL SCHOOL UNIFORM.
Please bring £1 to support this cause.
We will also aim to keep electrical appliance use to a minimum where possible.

Earth Hour will take place across the world on Saturday 25th March at 8.30pm for 1 hour. We encourage you to take part and switch your lights off.

We were very priviledged today to have Joanna Millan visit us. 

Joanna was deported age 10 months from Berlin with her mother and sent to a camp in Terezín (Theresienstadt) Ghetto north of Prague, her father was taken from the streets of Berlin and sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau where he was murdered on arrival in 1943.  In 1944, when Joanna was 18 months old, her mother contracted tuberculosis due to the conditions in the camp, leaving her orphaned and alone in the camp.

On 3rd May 1945, the Red Cross took over control of the camp and Joanna was liberated by the Soviets six days later.
On 15th August along with 299 other surviving orphans, Joanna was flown to England and made her home there.

You can read more of her story here.


We want to thank Joanna for being here today, especially in the snowy conditions, and for the way in which she presented her story. 
We all have learned so much from this experience and it will remain with us.

Leaving school
For some young people and parents, leaving school and moving on to the next phase in life’s journey can be a nervous and apprehensive time, full of unknowns. Some young people are clear about their future journey post-school and are motivated to achieve… others may be not so sure.

To help and support our pupils moving on, we have created a guide called “The Employment Activities Plan” to reassure and inform parents about the wide range of post-school opportunities available in Clydesdale and across South Lanarkshire.

The guide can be found on the website Home page in the menu on the left hand side or click here.

Support and guidance for pupils leaving Carluke High School
This guide of post-school employment activities and opportunities is specifically for Carluke High School pupils and identifies key post-school pathways and providers available for Carluke High, Clydesdale and across South Lanarkshire. The guide can help our young people and their parents make informed choices for the future.

What the guide does
• The guide provides key messages about providers and organisations and information about the specific target/client group, referral process and, where appropriate, financial support.

• The Employment Activities Plan is designed to re-assure parents and young people, so they can make informed, realistic choices for their son and daughters about the range of available options leading to positive destinations.

If there is a nervousness and apprehension about post-school journey, the school is in a better position to help young people and parents make informed choices for the future.

Further advice
Pupil Support teachers and the school’s careers advisers can be contacted for further advice and guidance by contacting the school office on 01555 773680 and asking to speak to your child’s Pupil Support teacher or our career advisers Helen Sutton and Phyllis McCann.

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