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At Carluke High School, we are committed to working together to create inspirational learning opportunities and bright futures for every pupil.
This is the vision that we share across our school.


We aim to sustain a happy learning environment by developing character, confidence, courage and kindness.
Pupils have opportunities to grow as young people and to participate in classroom, cross-curricular and extra-curricular activities that allow them to develop these characteristics.

To support everyone in our school to achieve these aims and vision, we promote the values of ambition, optimism and respect.


We want to let you know what we are going to do to support your child during their time at Carluke High School to achieve their best.

We will:
- enable pupils to speak about and recognise their progress
- monitor and track progress for all pupils across all subjects and curriculum areas
- ensure all staff know how pupils are progressing
- support pupils by using a wide range of interventions and strategies
- help pupils to develop study skills
- help you to support your child in their learning
- engage with you on a range of school matters
- listen to pupils, parents/carers and staff to do what is best for every young person in our school

We will do these in a variety of ways, and we will keep you updated via our website, twitter account and parental e-mails.


We will be holding two attainment evenings which will give you the chance to hear about the ways you can help and support your child with their learning.

Both events will be held in the Street area of the school.

S1: Parent Information Evening

View presentations from S1 Parent Information Evening

S4, S5 & S6: Senior Phase Study Skills Evening

View presentations from Senior Phase Raising Attainment Information Evening

Further details on these events will be made available nearer the time.

In addition, we will have curriculum evenings as follows:

S2 Curriculum Evening –
S3 Curriculum Evening –
S4 Curriculum Evening –

If you would like further information on any of the above, please contact:
Mrs McCormick, Depute Head Teacher, on 01555 773680.


In the National Improvement Framework (Scottish Government, 2016) the two main aims are:

Excellence through raising attainment: ensuring that every child achieves the highest standards in literacy and numeracy, set out within Curriculum for Excellence levels, and the right range of skills, qualifications and achievements to allow them to succeed; and

Achieving equity: ensuring every child has the same opportunity to succeed, with a particular focus on closing the poverty-related attainment gap.

The school runs on a 33 period week timetable.

See below for details:

Monday to Thursday   Friday
8.40-8.50am Registration   8.40-8.50am Registration
8.50-9.40am Period 1                    8.50-9.40am Period 1
9.40-10.30am Period 2   9.40-10.30am Period 2
10.30-11.20am Period 3      
      10.30-10.45am Morning Break
11.20-11.35am Morning Break      
      10.45-11.35am Period 3
11.35am-12.25pm Period 4   11.35am-12.25pm Period 4
12.25-1.15pm Period 5      
1.15-1.55pm Lunchtime      
1.55-2.45pm Period 6      
2.45-3.35pm Period 7      

The town of Carluke lies in the administrative area called South Lanarkshire in Scotland. It is the main town in the parish of the same name. The extent of the parish is 7 miles from west to east and 5 miles from north to south. At the north of the parish is Wishaw and Newmains in North Lanarkshire, in the south is the parish of Lanark. The parish stretches from the River Clyde to moorland and high hills in the east. The town was famous for the brick and clay works, horticulture and farming and preserves in the firm of R & W Scott Ltd. It has been since the war a town where an ever increasing proportion of the population served the industries of Motherwell, Hamilton, East Kilbride and Glasgow and consequently the town has a population which has increased from 7,000 in 1950 to nearly 18,000 today. It is not a market town although it has a very distinct identity of its own.Market, Carluke

The parish has several small outlying communities - Braidwood, Yieldshields, Kilncadzow, Waygateshaw, Cozie Glen (more vernacularly known as Orchard) and the largest, Law Village. All of these have become larger too and have a commuter population like Carluke. The area originated in Medieval times as a stopping place for Royalty during hunting in the "Forest" and later as a crossroads for travellers to Edinburgh, Peebles, Glasgow, Lanark and beyond. Carluke really started to develop with the advent of coal, iron and lime mining all over the parish from the middle to late 18th Century right up until the 1960's. The man colliery closed in the early 1950's. There were some small scale workings but the chief employers were the Coltness Iron Company and the Shotts Iron Company who owned most of the mines. Carluke was an 'Iron Town' and had many workers and rows of houses. Housing and wage conditions were not good and people did not enjoy great health at the time.

There were other industries within the parish - namely tailoring and drapery products, furniture making (Grahams, Grays) joinery firms, Hackney Horse business, clay and brick works, SMT Bus Garage and, of course, R W Scott Preserve works. Horticulture - tomato growing was very prominent also. The main landowners have been Kirkton house - Lee Estate, Waygateshaw Estate, Milton Lockhart and Mauldslie Estate

Carluke today is a fairly large thriving town with good access by road and rail to Glasgow and Edinburgh and south to England. There are large housing developments evident in recent years with a large percentage of home owners making up the population. There is a large High School which accommodates more than 1,300 pupils from the parish and beyond. There are seven primary schools within the parish. The community life, church life, and clubs and associations are all strong and prospering. The town still has a football team (Junior), a golf club, an American Football club, swimming baths (which are new), various horse establishments (some quite large), running clubs and associations to suit most sporting tastes and other pastimes including Carluke Opera, flute and pipe bands. The industries of the past have not all gone - tomato growing is still evident - albeit much reduced, the preserve works now enlarged belong to Renshaw Scott and are flourishing and there are many new jobs in the industrial estates within the town.

Carluke is part of South Lanarkshire and indeed part of the Glasgow conurbation but it still retains its own identity - somewhat altered by the influx of so many new people - yet still connected to the traditions of being a small Scottish town.

By Jack McLellan


Head Teacher
Mrs K McCormick (Acting)

Depute Head Teachers
Mrs G Sim
Mr J Kerr
Mr G Roberts
Mr J Shearer (Acting)
Mr S Brogan (Acting)


Teaching Staff

Ms L Dobbie (Head of Faculty)
Mr C Williamson
Miss B Sutherland

Mrs G Paterson
Miss A Scott
Miss L Paton
Miss Bradley

Business Education
Mrs L Young
Miss L Goodwin

Mr A Jamil (Head of Faculty - Science)
Mr J Kerr (Depute Head Teacher)
Mrs K Wilson
Mrs K Hand
Miss A Gracie

Mrs S Lindsay (Head of Faculty - IT & Business Education)
Mr D Quinton
Mrs J Weir

Miss J Lindsay (Head of Faculty)
Mrs K McDonald
Mr S O'Neill (Principal Teacher of Pupil Support - Douglas)
Miss B Sweeney
Mrs N Hall (Principal Teacher of Pupil Support - Milton)
Ms L Duncan
Ms P Gaughan PEF Leader in Literacy
Miss L Goldie

Mrs J Craig (Principal Teacher of Pupil Support – Lee)
Mrs K Swan (Principal Teacher of Pupil Support - Kirkton)
Ms N Strachan (Principal Teacher of Pupil Support - Halbar (Acting))

Miss K Williams (Head of Faculty)
Miss N Glancy PEF Leader in Engagement
Miss N Hutchinson

Home Economics
Mrs J St. John (Head of Faculty)
Mrs C Ross
Mrs J Cuthbertson
Miss E Creaney

Mr J Anderson (Head of Faculty)
Mrs P Gillespie
Ms A CLove
Mrs N McCormack
Mrs E Mullen
Mrs J Towers
Ms A King
Ms J Armstrong PEF Leader in Numeracy
Mrs S Tarbard
Miss Govan

Modern Languages

Mrs E  Drennan (Head of Faculty)
Mrs K McCormick ( Acting Head Teacher )
Ms A McGuigan
Mrs L Elsweiler
Mr A Salinas

Modern Studies
Miss A Eadie  (Principal Teacher of Pupil Support - Belstane - (Acting))
Ms T Safdar
Mr K Creaney

Mrs B Davenport
Mr A Sinclair
Miss K Campbell (Acting) PEF Leader in Health & Wellbeing
Miss Clarke

Physical Education
Mr P Meehan (Head of Faculty)
Mr G Roberts (Depute Head Teacher)
Mr S Connelly (Acting Head of Faculty Home Economics & Technical)
Mr C Smith
Mr C Strachan
Mr C Potter
Miss E Printer
Miss C Patrick

Dr G Gall
Mr J Shearer (Acting Deputy Head Teacher)
Ms Isla McCulloch
Miss V Keir

Miss N Shaw

Religious Education
Mrs A Mitchell

Speech and Drama
Mrs D McMaster
Miss K Walker

Support for Learning
Miss K Robinson (Head of Faculty)
Mr C MacLennan

Technical Education
Mr M Ng
Miss C McKernan
Miss A Rose

Non-Teaching Staff

School Support Staff 
Mrs Steel (Team Leader)
Mrs Edgar
Mrs Steen
Mrs Fingland
Ms Langford
Mrs Mackie
Mrs Muir
Mrs Shajahan
Mrs Gashi

Mrs Martin


FM Janitors
Mr Murray
Mr Fingland

Mr Reid (Team Leader)
Mr King


Our school is a secondary, co-educational, non denominational, comprehensive, community school serving the town of Carluke and the neighbouring villages of Braidwood, Forth, Law, Kilncadzow and Yieldshields in rural South Lanarkshire approximately 25 miles south east of Glasgow.

We have approximately 1,200 pupils ranging in age from 12 to 18 and a teaching staff of just over 100 teachers. We offer a broad, balanced curriculum delivered by 5 faculties and 6 teaching departments, a well equipped Library Resource Centre and 3 ICT Rooms.

The Rector, Mr A Smith appointed in 2013, is the leader of a Senior Management team consisting of four Depute Head Teachers.

In November 2007 we moved into a brand new purpose built school which has been constructed on the former playing fields. The main feature of the new school is the 'street area', from which the teaching wings lead off. The 'street' acts as a social hub for the school, providing a flexible, open and airy space that shall have a variety of purposes. In addition to assembly, dining and social functions, the assembly/stage area provides a teaching and learning space for music and drama.

Each of the teaching blocks is separated by a landscaped courtyard, and our pupils have been heavily involved in designing these. The new playing fields are to be constructed on the site of the original school.


carluke high1 carluke high2 carluke high3
The old original High School in Market Road. This building was opened in 1978 and the extension completed in 1983. The new High School completed in November 2007.

School Captains 2017-18


Captains: Abbie Cameron 6K & Alexander Lannigan 6D

Captains 2017

Vice Captains: Anna Britton 6K, Scott Chalmers 6L, Adam Kelly 6B1 & Lauren McKie 6K

 ViceCaptains 2017


Previous Captains

Year Captains Vice-Captains
2017-18 Alexander Lannigan & Abbie Cameron Anna Britton , Scott Chalmers , Adam Kelly  & Lauren McKie
2016-17 Harry Richardson & Hannah Pelling         Holly Irving, Dylan Smith, Alexander Bond                                                                             
2015-16 Riaz Shajahan & Elizabeth Rayner Jennifer Park, Laona Allan, Blair Watson and Ross McDowell

 Ross Beveridge & Faiza Bano

 Kelsey Darragh, Kiara McIlwraith Barradas, Evan Jones & Mitchell Fagin

Andrew McLeod & Gemma McDonald

Fiona Park, Kirstie Smith, Mitchell Finlay & Michael Sharkey
2012-13 Ross Muir & Rachael Leghorn Kyle MacCorquodale, Fraser Stewart, Sofia Shajahan & Caitlin McEwan
2011-12 Robert Cunningham & Hannah Bingham

Ross Hunt, Kaitlin Struthers,Melissa Rodger & Stewart Murphy 

2010-11 Callum Simpson & Nicola Lindsay Jonathan Bain, Alison Macrae, Euan Dickson & Laura Ireland
2009-10 David Smith & Sarah Mundle David Robertson, Gemma Sith, Adam Banks & Lisa Rattray
2008-9 Robert Gibb & Nicole Irwin Scott Livingston, Ross Ireland, Nikki Strachan & Gemma Forbes
2007-8 David Edment & Kirsty Chalmers Jonathan Arbuckle, Kelly McConville, Hannah Martin & Scott Somerville
2006-7 Matthew Pretswell & Amy McGregor Stewart Livingston, Hollie Wilson, Stuart Frame & Lauren Watt
2005-6 Craig Strachan & Susan Lindsay Ross Tavendale, Kimberley King, Chris McInally & Amelia Smith
2004-5 Martin Feeney & Gayle Whitefield Richard Workman, Lyndsey McGregor, Alan Morton & Lorna Grey
2003-4 David Hamilton & Geeta Devgun Matthew Souter, Christina Lindsay, Sam Smith & Gemma Dowie
2002-3 Alasdair Walker & Jennifer Hamilton James Stark, Lyn Wilson, Cameron Shaw & Kelly-Anne Gibb
2001-2 David Sinton & Debbie Copeland Andrew Ramsay, Chris Grey, Rachel Thompson & Lisa Burns
2000-1 Alastair Thomson& Melissa Mcgarva Allan McGarry, David Jack, Sandra & Viola Merkaj
1999-2000 Chris Hotchkiss & Katrina Neil Alastair Gibson, Karen Owen, Chris Simpson & Laura Hyslop
1998-99 Barry Johnstone & Tracy Owen Scott Hamilton, Rory Hetherington, Alison Bennett & Leigh Thomson
1997-98 Colin Barrowman & Denise Lowe Murray Henderson, Cara Hales, Euan Gibson & Vicky Barr
1996-97 Craig Callan & Kirsty Thomson Scott Feely, Sara Grewar, Fraser Wilson & Lesley-Anne Cardow
1995-96 Fraser Forrest & Linzi Mitchell Alan Barrowman, Lizzi Thomson, David Llewellyn, Fraser Shaw, Caroline Russell & Janet Wilson
1994-95 Ian Paterson & Hazel Feely Jamie Hetherington, Alan Murphy, Lindsay Aikman & Gillian Tennant
1993-94 Fraser Glen & Pamela Jarvie Karyn Todd, Michael Stobo, Gordon McGill & Aeesha Malik
1992-93 Kenny Gray & Jill Stark Stuart McVicar, Inass Osman, Walter Templeton & Julie Carson



The current school badge was designed by a pupil for the opening of the previous new school building in 1978.

The badge signifies the fruit trees of the Clyde Valley and the two books, education.

schoolbadge     P1010595
Current School Badge     Previous Badge


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07/03/2018 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

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