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Electricity & Energy problem booklet

Part 1

Part 2


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The course is made up of three mandatory units: Mechanics and Properties of Matter, Electricity and Electronics, Radiation and Matter.
Unit 1: Mechanics and Properties of Matter

Kinematics Dynamics Properties of matter

Unit 2: Electricity and Electronics

Resistors in Circuits Analogue Electronics AC and capacitors

Unit 3: Radiation and Matter.

Waves and light Optoelectronics Radioactivity

Unit 1: Mechanics and Properties of Matter

Mechanics & Properties of Matter notes

Unit 1 Non Numerical questions

Gas Laws

Fluid Pressure

Terminal Velocity

Kinematics - acceleration time graphs

Kinematics - Vectors resolution

Kinematics - vectors scalars

Snell's Law

Scalers and Vectors

Unit 2: Electricity & Electronics

Electricity and Electronics notes

Unit 3: Radiation & Matter

Radiation & Matter Notes

Radiation & Matter Outcomes

Radiation - dosimetry and safety

Radiation - intensity of a laser

Radiation - Line spectrum emissions

Radiation - Refractive Index

Radiation - semiconductor theory

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