National 5 Maths for S5/6


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 Test - Thursday 1st December

 Revision Sheet

Answers Part 1

 Answers Part 2

Answers Part 3

Exam Date - Friday 5th May


 Prelim - Monday 30th January


National 5 Maths Exam - Friday 5th May


Practice Exam Papers - Answers

Paper A - Paper 1  Paper 2

Paper B - Paper 1  Paper 2

Paper C - Paper 1  Paper 2

Paper D - Paper 1  Paper 2

Paper E - Paper 1  Paper 2


Practice Prelim Papers -Answers

Paper A - Paper 1  Paper 2

Paper B - Paper 1 Paper 2

Paper C - Paper 1 Paper 2

 Paper D - Paper 1 Paper 2

S4 Work

S5/6 Work

National 4 Maths

Prelim Practice Solutions

Paper A Paper 1    Paper 2

Paper B Paper 1      Paper 2

Paper C Paper 1 and 2


Exam Practice

SQA Specimen Papers       See SQA website

Higher Paper A  Solutions:  A Paper 1   A Paper 2

Higher Paper B                  B Paper 1    B Paper 2

Higher Paper C                  C Paper 1    C Paper 2 



SQA Past Papers

2011 Paper 1 and Paper 2
2010 Paper 1 and 2
2009 Paper 1 and 2
2008 Paper 1
2008 Paper 2
2007 Paper 1
2007 Paper 2


SQA Solutions

2011 Paper 1 and Paper 2
2010 Paper 1 and 2
2009 Paper 1 and 2
2008 Paper 1 and 2
2007 Paper 1
2007 Paper 2










Homework 1       Homework 1 Answers
Homework 2       Homework 2 Answers
Homework 3       Homework 3 Answers
Homework 4       Homework 4 Answers
Homework 5       Homework 5 Answers
Homework 6       Homework 6 Answers

Homework 9 answers

The aim of Advanced Higher Mathematics is to extend further students' mathematical experience in Pure Maths, as well as providing an opportunity to study some Applied Maths. It is particularly useful for students who may go on to study degree courses that involve Mathematics.

Course content

Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3
Algebra Further Differentiation Vectors
 Differentation  Further Integration  Matrix Algebra
 Integration Complex Numbers  Futher Sequences and Series
 Properties of Functions  Sequences and Series  Ordinary differential Equations
 Matrices  Number Theory and methods of Proof  Further Number Theory and Proofs



To gain the overall award students must pass written assessments in all three units of the course and an external assessment. There is a single SQA external exam paper. A prelim, which is of the same form as the SQA external exam, takes place under exam conditions in February.


Advanced Higher Notes

Differentiation Notes




Homework 1               Homework 1 Answers

Homework 2     



Past Papers and Solutions

SQA Past Papers


SQA Solutions










The study of Higher Mathematics develops logical reasoning, analysis, problem-solving skills and the ability to think in abstract ways, as well as offering opportunities for creativity. It is a rich and stimulating subject with the capacity to engage and fascinate learners and has a wide applicability to science, engineering, technology, business, industry and not least to everyday life. Mathematics is an ever expanding body of knowledge, skills, concepts and techniques essential in the efficient handling of information and the solution of problems.


Students may progress to Advanced Higher Mathematics or exit to higher or further education, using either the qualification as a general or specific entry requirement for mathematics, engineering, or science HNC/D or degree courses.


Power Points and Notes

Radians and Exact Values
Straight Line
Quadratics, Functions and Graphs
Transformation of Graphs
Logs (part 1)

Recurrence Relations



A copy of each homework is available  - click to view Higher Maths Homework.




Past papers and solutions

To try out past papers and check the solutions -  click here to view Higher Maths Past Papers.




Straight Line

Addition Formulae


Exponential and Logs




 September Test 2015       Answers to September Test 2015

 Revision for December Test     Answers to Revision for December Test

Applications Revision Answers

Course Information    



Surds, Pythagoras, Indices, Scientific Notation and Brackets

Factorising, Fractions, Equations and Change the Subject

Circle and Algebraic Fractions



Homework               Home Work Answers

Homework 1 (A)                            Homework 1 (A) Answers
Homework 2 (A)                            Homework 2 (A) Answers
Homework 4 (A)                            Homework 4 (A) Answers
Homework 5 (A)                            Homework 5 (A) Answers
Homework 6 (A)                            Homework 6 (A) Answers
Homework 7 (A)
Homework 8 (A)                            Homework 8 (A) Answers


Extra Worksheets

Revision for September Test (A)            Answers for Revision for September Test (A)
Revision for September Test (C)            Answers (C)
Revision for January Test                      Answers for Revision for January Test Page 1 Page 2
Multiplying Out Brackets                        Answers for October Test Revision Worksheet



Course Information Pupils receive four 50 minute periods per week.
The classes are now broadband set.    


S2 Homework    

Homework 1 (A)                      Homework 1 (A) Answers
Homework 2 (A)                      Homework 2 (A) Answers
Homework 3 (A)                      Homework 3 (A) Answers
Homework 4 (A)                      Homework 4 (A) Answers
Homework 5 (A)                      Homework 5 (A) Answers

Homework 1 (B)


S2 Revision Sheets  

Unit 1 Revision (A)                  Answers

Unit 1 2nd Revision(A)             Answers
Unit 2 Revision (A)                  Answers

Unit 2 2nd Revision(A)             Answers 

Unit 2 Revision (B)                  Answers

Unit 3 Revision (A)                  Answers

Unit 3 Revision (B)                  Answers

Unit 3 Revision B (2)              Answers  

Unit 4 Revision A                   Answers

Unit 4 Revision B                   Answers

 Jan 2018 Revision (A)           Answers

Jan 2018 Revision (B)            Answers

March 2017 Revision (A) with answers

March 2017 Revision (B)

Extra Revision (A)

Extra Revision (B)


S2 Summary Sheets    




























































Course Information

S1 Maths Course Information


 2018 Daily Homework

Parent/Carer Letter

Growth Mindset Booklet

Homework A (1L1, 1L3, 1L5 and 1L6)

Homework B (1L2, 1L4 and 1L7)


S1 Homework

 January Homework A

January Homework B



S1 Revision Sheets

Unit 1 revision          Unit 1 revision - Answers

Unit 2 revision

 February test - Revision(A)    Revision(A) - Answers


S1 Summary Sheets

S1(A) Notes

Whole Numbers and Decimals
Special Numbers
Fractions and Percentages
Negative Numbers
Drawing Triangles
Perimeter, Area and Volume
Bearings and Scale Drawing



Curriculum for Excellence has given the opportunity for all educators to work together. All teachers now have a responsibility for promoting the development of Numeracy. With an increased emphasis upon Numeracy for all young people, teachers will need to revisit and consolidate Numeracy skills throughout schooling. To this end I feel that it is important that "we" (all staff at Carluke High) deliver a consistent approach to "our" pupils. Pupils always have difficulties with transferable skills and if we can deliver consistent approaches of Numeracy across the school we will be helping our pupils become successful learners.

This information booklet has been produced to inform parents/carers and teachers how the Numeracy Outcomes from Curriculum for Excellence are taught within the Maths Department at Carluke High School.
It is hoped that use of the information in the booklet will help our parents/carers. You will hopefully be given an insight into the way number topics are being taught to your children in the school, making it easier for you to help them with their homework, and as a result improve their progress.




Faculty of Mathematics
Head of Faculty: Mr J Anderson

Courses offered

Life Skills
National 3 Mathematics
National 4 Mathematics
National 5 Mathematics
Intermediate 1 Mathematics
Intermediate 2 Mathematics
Higher Mathematics
Advanced Higher Mathematics

Mathematics is one of the core subjects for all pupils in S1 - S4. Our courses follow the new Curriculum for Excellence in S1,S2 and S3. National 3, 4 and 5 are offered to pupils in S4.
In S5/S6 pupils may continue with Maths at Higher level or one of the Intermediate levels, which is determined by their level of previous attainment. In S6 we offer Advanced Higher.
We encourage all pupils to participate in a wide range of mathematical competitions including Maths Challenge, Mathematiques sans frontiere, Maths department puzzle of the month and World Maths Day.

Dates of Maths Tests

S3:    Tuesday 20th September or Wednesday 21st September

S4: National 5 only Paper 1 : 27th September, Paper 2: 28th September

S5/6 All classes -- Tuesday 27th September

Suported Study:

Wednesday 3.35-4.30 Mrs Armstrong in B004

Thursday 3.35-4.30 Mrs Mullen in B008

Mr Anderson's room B007 is open from 8am in the morning until registration and during lunch time everyday for pupils who require help with Maths Homework or require time to finish off exercises and get some support. 


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