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Micro-Tyco is an enterprise challenge created to help raise funds for the charity WildHearts in Action. WildHearts is a unique Scottish charity that aims to tackle economic injustice. In the developing world this takes the form of providing micro-loans and business training to people to help them work their own way out of poverty with dignity. In Scotland, WildHearts develops learning tools, materials and partnerships to help foster enterprise education.

How does it work?

Micro-Tyco will run throughout the month of November. Teams 'apply' to WildHearts for a micro-loan of £1. Once the clock starts on November 1st they have one month to turn it into as much money as possible. Then on November 30th the team with the most money wins.

There are only two rules: teams cannot gamble and transactions must be legal.

Micro-Tyco inspires the spirit of enterprise and rewards participants with the knowledge that in business, if they can succeed at Micro-Tyco, they can succeed at anything.

Carluke High School's Micro Tyco Challenge 2013

Success - Micro Tyco Challenge 2013

Carluke High School has successfully completed the Micro-Tyco Challenge 2013. On 1 November 2013 five teams from S1 to S3 were each given £1 and let loose on the world to raise as much money as possible for the WildHearts Charity. This year the teams completed most of their activities in the wider community involving family and friends in their endeavours. Activities ranged from home baking to origami, raffles to jewellery making, and a variety of quizzes but the Bake Sale was by far the most successful event. All of the teams were responsible for planning, organising and completing their own money making ventures.

This year teams were supported by two senior pupil mentors. Special thanks go to Elise Rodgers 6M and Ross Nelson 6H. Your enthusiasm, support and encouragement were invaluable. Thank you!

Team Name Amount Raised

Cutie Cupcakes

Jammie Dodgers
The Beasts




Girl Power


School Total


Thanks again to everyone who supported Carluke High School's  Micro Tyco Challenge 2013.
Mrs Weir



Carluke High School's Micro Tyco Challenge 2012

Carluke High School has entered 17 teams into this year's Micro-Tyco challenge and they have already started planning and completing exciting fundraising activities. Teams are involved in activities both in school and in the wider community. All teams are invited to take part in the big Micro Tyco Bake Sale in school on 27 November at lunchtime. Teams have to use their advertising skills and competitively price their good in order to compete against each other to sell their products.

Individual Team Activities include:

· Home baking

· Nail painting

· Jewellery making

· Selling Christmas cards and Reindeer Dust

· Quizzes

· Providing services in school e.g. board cleaning

· A variety of sponsored events

· And many more.

All of the teams are responsible for planning, organizing and completing their own money making ventures.

We are delighted to announce the final total reached in 2012 was £1413.29.











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