The Scottish Teenage Book Prize 2018 nominations were:

Elizabeth Laird "Welcome to nowhere"

Caighlan Smith "Children of Icarus"

Danny Weston "The haunting of Jessop Rise"


Meet the authors for 2018.

Our S3 classes have voted for their favourite and we await the 1st March to see who Scotland has voted for.

The Scottish Teenage Book Prize 2017 nominations were:

Claire McFall "Black Cairn Point"

Keith Gray "The last soldier"

Joan Lennon "Silver Skin"

Our S3 voted overwhelmingly for Claire McFall's book which was the overall winner for 2017.

Meet the authors for 2017.

The Scottish Teenage Book Prize is a new book award from Scottish Book Trust.

The award aims to encourage reading for pleasure amongst teenagers and celebrate the very best in Scottish teen fiction.

The winning book is voted for entirely by pupils in schools and libraries across Scotland.

At Carluke High School we have taken part since 2017.

S3 pupils get involved by reading the texts and casting their votes and carrying out a variety of extended tasks.

 SF s3Alan Hunter01  SF s3Alex Eaglesham02 SF s3Cairn Murphy03   SF s3Connor McIntyre04
 Alan Hunter  Alex Eaglesham  Cairn Murphy  Connor McIntyre
 SF s3Corrie Thomson05  SF s3Graham McMahon06  SF s3James Lammie07  SF s3Johnathan Sommerville08
 Corrie Thomson  Graeme McMahon  James Lammie  Johnathan Sommerville
SF s3Jordan Simpson09 SF s3Kyle McAdam10 SF s3Nathan Fleming11 SF s3Rosie Slater12
Jordan Simpson Kyle McAdam Nathan Fleming Rosie Slater
SF s3Sam Penrice13 SF s3Shaun Angus14 SF s3Zak Taylor15  
Sam Penrice Shaun Angus Zak Taylor  
SF S2Adam Shanks01  SF S2Ben Fitton02   SF S2Callum Rowan03  SF S2Chris Kerr04
 Adam Shanks  Ben Fitton  Callum Rowan  Chris Kerr
 SF S2Eoin Wallace05  SF S2Greg Allan06  SF S2Jack MacDonald07  SF S2Jack Paton08
 Eoin Wallace  Greg Allan  Jack MacDonald  Jack Paton
SF S2James Paterson09 SF S2Lennox Watson10 SF S2Michael Taylor11 SF S2Ross Steele12
James Paterson Lennox Watson Michael Taylor Ross Steele
SF S2Sean Morton13 SF S2Stewart Arnott14 SF S2Taylor McAdam15  
Sean Morton Stewart Arnott Taylor McAdam  
   sof2017 1  sof2017 4 sof2017 5 
David Steen   Josh Inglis  Lewis Walker  Jacob MacEachen
 sof2017 6  sof2017 9  sof2017 11  sof2017 13
 John Borden  Andrew Nelson  Ross Loudoun  Max Penrice
sof2017 14 sof2017 15 sof2017 16 sof2017 17
Marshall McNaught Lawrie McGowan Aidan McCafferty Fraser Wright
sof2017 19 sof2017 20 sof2017 23 sof2017 26
Adrian Dyrseth Max Laird Jamie McIntrye Leon Laing
sof2017 27      
Darren Hunter      



Time to sign up and gather evidence of all the volunteering you are doing.
The more hours you do the more skills you gain!
Sign up and start collecting for your Saltire Award Certificates today – Remember you can use these to show employers evidence of your volunteering.
Once you have signed up please tick your name off on the list in the Common Room.’

Voluntary Action South Lanarkshire Currently administer the Saltire Awards to over 1000 young people in South Lanarkshire.

To enable both the young people and the organisations to reduce the amount of administration involved, we would recommend using the online facilities.
The information is then automatically sent to VASLan and administered from there.
If young people are volunteering with more than one organisation or in fact moving to another organisation, they will still be registered online and hours will continue to be added to the existing hours.

If the young person is unable to register electronically, they can give permission to the organisation to do this on their behalf.

It is a very easy process, click here to view a step-by-step guide.


For further details within school speak to Mrs Robinson.


Information on all aspects of Work Experience.

JMA-144-orange-Transparent-Background original

As part of the Geography and PE curriculum, our S1 pupils have been given the opportunity to achieve a John Muir Award by discovering and engaging with ‘wild places’ within the local area. The John Muir Award is a UK-wide environmental award scheme that supports experiential learning outside the classroom and celebrates the achievement of young people in conserving ‘wild places’.

The John Muir Award is inclusive and has multiple benefits for all pupils as it can build confidence, enhance employability skills such as leadership, risk-evaluation and teamwork, and can give pupils a real sense of achievement as well as a wide range of experiences to reflect upon in personal statements and interviews, later in life.

Pupils will engage with our local area in various different ways including activities such as conducting litter surveys, measuring the local weather, conducting mini-beast surveys, bird watching, planting wild flower seeds and building wildlife habitats. With input and support from staff members, pupils will complete a daily risk assessment and will take responsibility for discovering, exploring and conserving their wild place as well as sharing their experiences with others in the school and local community.

Pupils will be focusing on ‘wild places’ within the school grounds as well as around the woodland and meadow area at the back of the school, just off Woodend Road.

There are Four Challenges at the heart of the John Muir Award and pupils will be responsible for completing these in Geography and PE lessons.

These challenges are designed to raise awareness, encourage understanding and inspire action to conserve “wild places” all in the spirit of fun, adventure and exploration.

The Four Challenges

• Discover a wild place(s) – this can range from school grounds to mountain tops.

• Explore it - in an active way

• Conserve a wild place – take personal responsibility

• Share our experiences

jmuir11a jmuir12a jmuir13a jmuir14a


John Muir Trust


The Woodland Trust



Carluke High School Credit Union

Congratulations to Rhona Struthers and Laura Kelly, both 1B, for winning the Credit Union Logo competition, which all our new S1 took part in as P7s last term.
Since learning of their success the girls have been working with Mr Williamson in the Art Department on a computer graphic version of their logo, and what a stylish design it is.

Carluke Credit Union

Carluke High School Credit Union launches on Wednesday 30 September and will operate as a collection point for Blantyre and South Lanarkshire Credit Union.
S1 pupils are being invited to apply for jobs with CHS Credit Union, as cashiers, tellers, supervisors and development workers, and we hope their energy and enthusiasm in running the collection point will make this project a great success. Many will already be familiar with credit unions through similar projects in primary schools.

Carluke High offers many educational excursions and one use pupils and parents may wish to make of a credit union membership is to save for these excursions over the course of the year. S1 pupils will be bringing home membership forms and a covering letter explaining how the collection point will operate. To ensure we have pass books ready for launch day, we are asking that completed membership forms be returned by Monday 21 September. Pupils interested in taking a position of responsibility within the credit union will be given job descriptions and an application form to take home. Applications for jobs should be returned by Monday 14 September.

The launch day event will involve all S1 pupils, and those who have opened an account will get the opportunity to make their first deposit. Thereafter, Tuesdays will be Credit Union day with the collection point open for business during lunchtimes. As the collection point becomes established we will open up membership to all year groups. We hope parents/carers will support this initiative which we believe will encourage good money management habits in our young people –planning ahead and saving regularly.

Please get in touch in you need further information.

Follow the launch of Carluke High School Credit Union on our Twitter page @CarlukeHS with the hashtag #savealot and on the website under Beyond the Classroom.

Fairtrade Competition 2015: Prize Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our S1 poster competition. Winning entry this year was by Lucy Young 1B who was presented with a certificate, bar of chocolate - Fairtrade, of course and a cinema pass for two people to Vue Cinemas. First runner up was Adele Murdoch 1D and second runner up was Holly Menzies 1B. Both girls were presented with a certificate of achievement and a bar of Fairtrade chocolate.

 S1 Winner 15  S1 Runner up 15  S1 Runner up 15 2
Lucy Young 1B    Adele Murdoch 1D   Holly Menzies 1B  

Congratulations also go to the winners of our S2 poster competition. Winning entry in this year group was by Ruth Currie 2D. Ruth also received a certificate, a bar of Fairtrade chocolate and a cinema pass for two people to Vue Cinemas. First runner up was Ailie Deacon 2L and second runner up was Lauren Bond 2B. Both girls were presented with a certificate of achievement and a bar of Fairtrade chocolate.

 FT Ruth Currie  FT Ailie Deacon  FT Lauren Bond
Ruth Currie 2D  Ailie Deacon 2L  Lauren Bond 2B

And finally, we would like to congratulations to the winners of our S3 poster competition. Winning entry this year in the S3 category was Sarah Hawthorne 3M who also won with a certificate, bar of Fairtrade chocolate and a cinema pass for two people to Vue Cinemas. First runner up was Ryan Davies 3B2 and second runner up was Rebecca Dick 3H. Both pupils were presented with a certificate of achievement and a bar of Fairtrade chocolate.

FT Sarah Hawthorn FT Ryan Davies FT Rebecca Dick
Sarah Hawthorn 3M Ryan Davies 3B2 Rebecca Dick 3H

The Fairtrade Group would like to thank Mr Smith for his continued support this year and for judging the competition again this year.

TK Maxx is the most profitable retailer in Europe for non-food sales; They are opening up a sister company, Home Sense
Coatbridge store is opening 20 August next to Next in Faraday Retail Park; 19th August is date for Hamilton store opening

• All recruitment is online – there are screening questions; and then the Talent Acquisition Team screen again; then group sessions; and then 1-2-1
• They don’t recruit any applicants with disabilities for stores that are opening; will consider when the store is up and running – also run a buddy programme which is allocated to stores
• Offer apprentices via QI Training – let the employees settle in and then they go through internal Rising Stars programme and then onto MA
• £6.76 per hour is the hourly rate
• The minimum amount of hours that TK Maxx offer for a contract is 8 hours per week
• There is an advert running at present and they are aiming to interview 25 & 26 May for both stores in one venue – either Coatbridge or Hamilton
• Positions available – 30 permanent positions; 20 temporary positions that could lead to permanent; and 10/15 Christmas positions that could lead to permanent
• Person profile – highly motivated, outdoing, bubbly, challenging, multi-skilled; must be service oriented; need to display cultures and values of TK Maxx; trained in all aspects of the business; retail or call centre centre backgrounds are good

Hamilton link -

Coatbridge link -


Listed here are job opportunities that have been circulated to Carluke High School.

Further information can be obtained from your Pupil Support Teacher or the Careers Officer.

The Careers Officer is in school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


apprenticeships-in-scotland 619


Mappit - Modern Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships Scot


Allied Health Professions Careers Information - Therapeutic Radiographer

South Lanarkshire Weekly Bulletin 27/3/17

South Lanarkshire Weekly Bulletin 20/3/17

Pupils can learn work skills as part of a foundation apprenticeship

South Lanarkshire Weekly Bulletin 13/2/17

SLJF Job Book 9/2/17







An international tie may be awarded to a current pupil of Carluke High School who meets any one, or more, of the following criteria:

1 Winner in a national or international competition.

2 Representing your country in international competition as an individual or as part of a national squad or team.

3 Gold, silver or bronze medallist in national or international competition.

4 Representing Carluke High School or your country in a high profile international setting.

5 Any other activity with an international dimension which is deemed appropriate by the International Tie Committee. (This may include recognition by SQA for outstanding performance in examinations.)

Criteria & Application Form



International Tie Hall Of Fame

Awarded in Session 2017-18

IT CoreyWhiteford  IT DawnRussell17   IT ShannonGough
 Corey Whiteford
 Dawn Russell
 Shannon Gough
 IT IslaAllan17  IT EvaGilmour17  IT HollieWaddell17
Isla Allan
Street Dancing
Eva Gilmour
Hollie Waddell
IT StuartWale17  IT BreaghMurphy181  IT RebeccaMcFarlane181
Stuart Alexander
 Breagh Murphy
 Rebecca McFarlane
Highland Dancing

Awarded in Session 2016-17


 IT Robyn McMillan    
Robyn McMillan
Highland Dancing
 IT TaylorBrowningWalker2016  IT MeganCowan2017b  IT SamThomson2016
Taylor Browning-Walker
RSNO & Scottish Ballet 
 Megan Cowan
Sam Thomson
Fly Fishing 
 IT LornaFerguson2016   IT LukePatrick2016  IT JemmaMarriot2016
Lorna Ferguson
Luke Patrick
Jemma Marriott
Scottish Football
 IT HeatherStevenson2016 IT-AnnaEwing2016  IT BlairChisholm2016 
Heather Stevenson
Anna Ewing
Highland Dancing
Blair Chisholm

Awarded in Session 2014-15

IT Stuart MacKenzie 14 IT Emily McNicol 14 IT Pamela McNicol 14
Stuart MacKenzie 
Emily McNicol

Pamela McNicol

 IT Katie McIntyre 14 IT Alastair Orr 14 IT Jordan Philip 14
 Katie McIntyre
Alastair Orr
Jordan Philip
IT Jordan Scott 14 IT Conor Walker 14  IT Nathan Low 14
Ryan Scott

Conor Walker

 Nathan Low
IT Ruth Cunningham 14

 IT Abby McCallum 14

IT Jack Nicholas 14
Ruth Cunningham

 Abby McCallum

Jack Nicholas
 IT Alex Marshall 14

 IT Alex Bond 14

IT Graeme Greer 14 
Alex Marshall

 Alexander Bond

 Graeme Greer

Awarded in Session 2015-16

 IT James Steen 14

IT Caitlyn Nisbet 2015

IT Rachel Hunter 2015 
James Steen

 Caitlyn Nisbet

 Rachel Hunter
 IT Emma Ruthven 2015

IT Lauren Bond 2015 

IT Emily Shanks 2015 
 Emma Ruthven

 Lauren Bond

 Emily Shanks
IT Niamh Wilson 2015

 IT James Gillon 2015

IT Lewis Alexander 2015
Niamh Wilson

 James Gillon
Cross Country

Lewis Alexander
IT Saphire Gilmour 2015

IT Elli Paterson 2015

IT Mitchell Stevenson 2015

Saphire Gilmour

 Elli Paterson

Mitchell Stevenson
IT Cameron Davis 2015

IT Rebecca Dobbin 6H

 IT Euan Steel 2015
Cameron Davis (Watson)

 Rebecca Dobbin

 Euan Steel

IT Amy Allan 15

IT David Hird 2015 

 IT Andrew Berry 2015

Amy Allan
Street Dance

David Hird

Andrew Berry
Table Tennis 

IT Kara Forman 2016 IT Victoria Waddell  
Kara Forman

Victoria Waddell


















Monday 23rd & Tuesday 24th of June 2014

Following on from last year's great success, Carluke High School is again offering an Activities Programme for pupils during the last week of term. During this time, normal school timetable will be suspended and pupils will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of educational/fun experiences not normally available during the school session.

Please read the Activities booklet and remember to fill in the Yellow tear off slip with your choices for 'Mix 'N' Match' and 'The Big Day Out'. The tear off slip MUST to be returned to your register teacher on Wednesday 26th March. Any problems feel free to talk to Mrs Frew, Mr O'Neill or Mr Roberts.

Activities Booklet 2014

Important Dates  
Wednesday 26th March Forms to be returned to register teachers
Thursday 24th April Payment Day
Monday 23rd June Activities Day 1 - must attend to take part in Big Day Out
Tuesday 24th June Activities Day 2 - Big Day Out


What's happening when    
Monday 23rd June AM Mix 'n'match
  PM Interhouse
Tuesday 24th June   The Big Day Out
Wednesday 25th June AM Normal Timetable
  PM School closes 1pm

















Monday 22nd & Tuesday 23rd of June 2015

Following on from last year’s great success, Carluke High School is again offering an Activities Programme for pupils during the last week of term. During this time, normal school timetable will be suspended and pupils will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of educational/fun experiences not normally available during the school session.

A great deal of care has been taken to provide a variety of activities and destinations, and this year a number of new activities are on offer. Hopefully this will ensure that everyone can find something that appeals. Nearer the time, appropriate clothing for each activity will be suggested by the group leader and, on the days, pupils entitled to a school lunch will be catered for if required.

Please read the Activities booklet and remember to fill in the tear off slip with your choices for 'Mix 'N' Match' and 'The Big Day Out'. The tear off slip MUST to be returned to your register teacher on Wednesday 25th March. Any problems feel free to talk to Mrs Frew, Mr O'Neill or Mr Roberts.

Activities Booklet 2015

Important Dates  
Wednesday 25th March Forms to be returned to register teachers
Tuesday 21st April Payment Day
Monday 22nd June Activities Day 1 - must attend to take part in Big Day Out
Tuesday 23rd June Activities Day 2 - Big Day Out


What's happening when    
Monday 22nd June AM Mix 'n'match
  PM Interhouse Fun Run/ Raffle
Tuesday 23rd June   The Big Day Out
Wednesday 24th June AM Normal Timetable
  PM School closes 1pm














Mr Shearer is planning to take our 2nd and 3rd Year students on a residential trip to Acorn Adventure's centre at Ardeche, France at the end of the next academic year. The dates of the trip will be from Friday 19th June to Saturday 27th June 2015.

Carluke High have previously run two trips to this centre and both have proved to be very successful and enjoyable.

For more information:

Letter to parents

Ardeche presentation

Basketball Help Sheets

How to B.E.E.F. up your jump shot





The Eco Group meets Wednesday and Thursday lunch times in A201.

New members welcome.

The main focus of the group over the last two years have been:

Food and the Environment

Waste minimisation


Our next Green Flag assessment will take place in 2014.







The group is led by Mrs Paterson and Mrs Wilson and includes the eco-committee.

Connor Poots

Calum Nimmo

Kenneth Young

Olivia Taylor

Rebecca Dick

Taylor Melville

Charlotte Millward

Emma Pirrie

Keir Baillie 6K2

Alastair Ireland 6M

Emily Noak 6K1

Sarah Tonnar 6B2

Nikki Biggerstaff 6M

3G1 Biology Class

eco schools logo

Eco Code

The current eco code was designed by Ryan Scott 5D2

"Give a hoot, don't pollute"

Ryan won a competition in PSE with all pupils competing.

This year we aim to update the Eco Code in a whole school competition.

Ryan Scott - Eco Poster

Food and the Environment

The school garden was created four and a half years ago.

A selection of fruit and vegetables are grown each year including

fresh herbs
and much, much more........

Second year Biology pupils have also investigated companion planting and ecological pesticides to maintain the garden.

The compost from the compost bin is finally ready to be used after years of recycling canteen food.

Unfortunately our greenhouse blew away last year.  We would appreciate any donation towards a new one.

eco-garden2012 eco-garden2012a eco-garden2012b gardengroup



It is very important that everyone is responsible for disposing their own litter properly to promote a clean eco-school and develop as a wider community

The Eco group and the wider school continue to come up with new strategies to combat litter.

This years highly successful strategy was the introduction of table top bins in the street which have majorly reduced litter.

Waste Minimisation

Recycling is a very important to Carluke High School.  Current recycling projects include: mobile phones, ink cartridges, food, clothing, etc.

Paper was our most recent venture introduced this year with paper bins now in every classroom.

Day of Action

Carluke High School mini Earth Hour and Wear it bright day were hugely successful days to highlight climate change issues across the world.

Wear it bright1 wear it bright2


The Future

Following our environmental review, we established areas to look at in more depth over the coming years:







Eco Schools Scotland







badge 200


125x125 EF Banner

Contact Us

Carluke High School
Carnwath Road
South Lanarkshire
ML8  4EA

Tel: 01555 773680
Fax: 01555 773681

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