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Snow Days

An article which looks at weather we should come to school when it snows.

People have been shocked by the recent chaotic Scottish weather. The weather outside has been unbelievably cold. And while you all did wish for snow (and a cheeky snow day) the likelihood that you expected it in March, only days before Spring, were probably pretty slim.

The following article looks at the contrasting opinions about snow days, and whether if there is a snow, we should be expected to come to school.


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Chloe says, "No you should just stay in bed and relax."

Mr De Fazio says, ''I think if it is too hard for you to come in and it's unsafe to do so then you should stay home. However, if you can come in then come in because you have the right to an education."

Miss Duncan says, "I have mixed opinions about 'snow days'. I can remember how exciting it was as a child watching the snow falling heavily from your window on a school night. However, now that I am a teacher the snow has become a huge inconvenience. The long, stressful, and dangerous journeys can take their toll. Also, when you finally arrive to find there are hardly any children it can be disappointing, especially if there was important work to get through that day."

Mrs Martin, the school librarian, says, ''So long as it is safe to walk to school, pupils should be there."

We also asked Gary, Guy, Rachael and Sarah who all said similar things. They based their decision on how bad the snow is by looking out of the window and judging whether they had what it takes to trudge through the snow and into the school building.

The thing is, every time I actually try my best to trod along to school when the snow is falling heavily outside I find that the class sizes are so small that we are not doing the same things that we would be doing if the whole class was there anyway. On the other hand, we need to think about the parents. Sometimes parents don't find out until just before the bell rings that their child's school will be closed as a result of the snow. This means parents are placed in an awkward position and probably have to make an early decision about keeping their children off school both for their safety and to ensure that they have a baby sitter for them if the school does end up closing.

I personally think that for our safety we should stay off school.

What do you think?

By Dylan


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