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What are you doing in the Easter Holidays?

Easter Holidays

On the 4th of April it is going to be Easter and we go on holiday for two weeks. Easter means a lot of different things to different people to us it means fun!


We interviewed Olivia in our class to ask her what she thinks about Easter, we asked her if she is looking forward to Easter and why she said "she is looking forward to the holidays for long lies". We also asked her what she gets up to during the holidays she said "she likes to decorate eggs and roll them down the hills". She is also going to share the break with her friends and family and looking forward to eating her Easter eggs.

Myself and Heather are looking forward to the Easter holidays to have long lies in the morning, chill out with friends and family. AND EAT CHOCOLATE !!!!

We also Interviewed Mr De Fazio we asked him if he is looking forward to the holidays he said "he is looking forward to it". "He said he is looking forward to the holidays because he can spend time with his daughter". During the holidays he plays his guitar and spends time with his family. He is travelling down to London to visit his friends at Easter time.

By Lucy and Heather


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