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S3 Deeper Learning 2016-17

S3 Deeper Learning Courses

One of the requirements of our curriculum is to ensure that we offer breadth and depth throughout the Broad General Education for all pupils in S1 to S3.

In light of this, all pupils in S3 for session 2016-17 will be given the opportunity to study four Deeper Learning courses. Pupils will also maintain contact with all core subjects throughout S3. The core subjects are highlighted on the pupil option sheet.

Below you will find a description of each of the Deeper Learning courses. Pupils will be able to choose four courses to study throughout S3. There will also be an opportunity to discuss these courses with teachers at the parents’ evening on Tuesday 19th January.

In addition, there will be a Curriculum Information Evening for all S2 parents on Tuesday 26 January from 7pm.

If there are any further questions or concerns you can contact the relevant Pupil Support teacher at any time.


Administration & IT
Leading to N4/N5/Higher Admin & IT in S5.
Skills-based, A&IT will equip pupils for opportunities in the growing administrative sector. The course makes use of the latest software including the Microsoft Office and Serif suites. Pupils will use multimedia applications to create screen casts and other digital media. They will work individually and in groups to solve challenging administrative problems. This is not only a meaningful course for administration services but a life skill in the wider world of work.

Art & Design
Leading to N4/N5/Higher Art & Design in S5.
In the S3 Art & Design Elective pupils will be working on a range of practical craft based projects in areas such as textiles, printmaking and 3D construction techniques. Pupils will be encouraged to develop their own creative and experimental work with a range of materials and techniques. All of the course work will be practical and will increase pupil’s skills in many areas of art, design and architecture.

Leading to N4/N5/Higher Biology in S5.
The course will be of value to those wishing to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of biology. It aims to develop scientific understanding of biological issues, with an emphasis on practical activities. The course is a broad and up-to-date selection of concepts and ideas relevant to the central position of life science within our society. An experimental and investigative approach is used to develop knowledge and understanding of biology’s key areas.

Business Management
Leading to N4 Business or N5/Higher Business Management in S5.
Business is at the core of today's world. This course aims to develop pupils’ knowledge and skills to enable them to make a positive contribution to Scotland’s economic prosperity. Pupils will develop their enterprise skills tackling real business scenarios and gain an understanding of the key functions of Finance, IT and Marketing. Research and presentation skills are key outcomes of this course.

Leading to N4/N5/Higher Chemistry in S5.
The course provides opportunities for learners to recognise the impact chemistry makes on developing sustainability, and its effects on the environment, on society and on the lives of themselves and others. The course will allow pupils the opportunity to think creatively, analyse and solve problems. The practical nature of the course will allow pupils to continue to work actively and give hands on experience to pupils.
Leading to N4/N5/Higher Computing Science in S5.
This course is designed to develop knowledge and skills in Digital Technology and Computing Science. Pupils will design and create information systems, digital media, games and apps, learning to write code in a range of programming languages. They will learn how computers work, investigate emerging technologies such as wearables, consider the environmental impact of technology and the challenge of cyber security. Pupils will be given challenging projects to undertake and will evidence their skills in a portfolio of digital solutions.

Drama & Theatre Skills: Performance & Production
Leading to N4/N5/Higher Drama in S5.
This elective will be an in-depth look at all of the production areas within Drama. Practical workshops and industry talks/visits in Acting, Lighting, Sound, Costume, Make-up, Set Design & Props will allow the students to learn about the areas in a more ‘real life’ way. The students will be given the opportunity to apply these skills in a practical way through school concerts and productions. This elective will give students an insight into the internal workings of theatre and also provide the perfect platform to continue on to study National 4/5/6.

Food for Health
Leading to N3/N4/N5 Hospitality or N3/N4/N5/Higher Health & Food Technology in S5.
A Skills for Work: Food and Drink Manufacturing Industry award at N5 may also be available.
This course combines practical food skills with the knowledge of Food, Nutrition and Health and Food Product Development. Pupils will investigate the science of food and product development through practical activities and research up to date nutritional and dietary advice linking this to real life situations eg Diabetics, Vegetarians etc.

Geography Detectives
Leading to N4/N5/Higher Geography and also Scottish Studies SCQF level 5 in S5.
A Skills for Work: Travel & Tourism award at N4/N5 may also be available.
We will be investigating the world on a local and international scale. We will develop your geographical skills through fieldwork and IT research and you will use these skills to delve more deeply into topics such as natural disasters, climate and environmental issues.

Graphic Design
Leading to N4/N5/Higher Graphic Communication or Design & Manufacture in S5.
In this course, pupils will work with a range of computer software packages including serif to enhance modelling skills and desktop publishing skills. Pupils will learn the basics of 3D computer animation and will be involved in their own 3D modelling projects, some of which will be manufactured using a laser printer. Pupils will build up a portfolio of manual drawings and computer aided designs which will benefit them greatly if they choose to study Graphic Communication or Design and Manufacture in the future.

History - A Century of Conflict
Leading to N4/N5/Higher History in S5.
Focusing on the causes, events and results of the First and Second World Wars, we will draw a comparison of these 2 major conflicts and the consequences that this has had after 1945. Pupils will study issues like conditions in the trenches, the Treaty of Versailles as well as the causes of World War 2 and the impact of this throughout Europe. In this course, pupils will have the opportunity to participate in group tasks and an investigation as well as developing evaluative and debating skills.

Let’s get Cooking
Leading to N3/N4/N5 in Hospitality and N5 Practical Cake Craft in S5.
This practical course, involves the further development of pupils cooking and baking skills. Pupils will use a range of locally sourced and seasonal ingredients where possible and be able to develop their own innovative ideas. Pupils will also become aware of ethical issues involving food.
Pupils will gain confidence in working independently and develop through this, skills for life long learning and skills for work. Pupils will be involved in school and national cookery competitions.

Life and Work in France
Leading to N4/N5/Higher French in S5.
Pupils will develop the four language skills of reading, listening, talking and writing in French through learning about life and work in France. Pupils will explore differences and similarities in French culture and life, and learn the skills needed for working in France. Pupils will enhance their communication skills in French by taking part in conversations and being able to understand written and spoken French texts.

Modern Studies - 21st Century World
Leading to N4/N5/Higher Modern Studies and also Scottish Studies SCQF level 5 in S5.
Exploring issues around the world we will develop your skills in understanding and interpreting the world you live in through thinking, detection, investigation and working with others and independently. We will do this by discovering more about modern day conflict fore example what is terrorism and how do we solve it, why are people moving from places like Syria to Britain, what is the difference between migrants and refugees and why should they come here? We will learn about the lives of child soldiers.

Music Performing
Leading to N4/N5/Higher Music Performing in S5.
This course has a strong practical performance focus enabling pupils to develop musicianship on two chosen instruments. Pupils will be guided in their rehearsals which will culminate in an end of year recorded recital. Pupils are encouraged to take ownership of their musical development by setting their own performance goals. Alongside this, pupils will gradually learn through task based activities to identify musical concepts, read musical notation and compose their own music.

Music Technology
Leading to N4/N5/Higher Music Technology in S5.
This is an exciting course that allows pupils to learn how music is recorded, mixed and produced. Using the new Mac Suite, pupils will be introduced to professional software, Logic Pro through a range of fun activities. Pupils will also learn how to set up a recording session and how to record live music. The course culminates in pupils producing a project that demonstrates their capability in a combination of musical production skills. No musical performance ability is necessary.

Physical Education
Leading to N4/N5/Higher Physical Education in S5.
The courses aim to provide learners with a platform from which they can build physical competences, improve aspects of fitness, and develop personal and interpersonal skills and attributes. It will also give pupils the opportunity to develop their skills to a high standard, enabling them to gain performance skills at national 4 and 5 and building a solid foundation towards a higher performance skills unit.
They will also have the opportunity to analyse their performance, understand what is required to develop it, and apply this knowledge to improving their own performance.

Photography & Digital Image
Leading to Higher Photograph as well as N4/5/Higher Art & Design in S5.
Learners will have regular, hands-on experience using a range of cameras, and will complete a number of varied photographic assignments on these. They will learn photographic theory and develop their understanding of composition, lighting, colour and tonal balance, as well as using industry-standard computer programmes to manipulate and optimise their own photographs, and use them for a wide range of graphic design applications, e.g. creating posters, publishing digital work and producing their own art photography.

Leading to an award at N4/N5/Higher in S5
The course gives learners an insight into the underlying nature of our world and its place in the universe. From the sources of the power we use, to the exploration of space, it covers a range of applications of the relationships that have been discovered through experiment and calculation, including those used in modern technology. The course provides pupils with the opportunity to improve their practical skills.

Practical Craft skills
Leading to N4/N5 Practical Woodworking in S5.
Pupils will further develop skills in woodworking techniques and measuring. Pupils will construct a range of models which will show creativity while using problem solving strategies in the process. As always there will be a strong emphasis on safe working practices in workshop environments.

Product Design
Leading to N4/N5/Higher Graphic Communication or Design & Manufacture in S5.
In this course, pupils will be set a series of design tasks allowing them to work through the design process from beginning to end. The solutions may be manually drawn and rendered with spirit markers or modelled using CAD (computer aided design).Some solutions will then be manufactured from a range of materials including 3 D models using the laser cutter, wood or plastic. This course is particularly suitable for pupils who are creative and have good freehand drawing skills.

RMPS - Champions for Change
Leading to N4/N5/Higher RMPS in S5.
We will develop a range of skills and knowledge and understanding as we explore ideas around creating a better world. We will investigate the moral and ethical questions and responses to problems such as war, terrorism and issues like euthanasia.

Spanish and Latin America
Leading to N4/N5/Higher Spanish in S5.
Pupils will further develop the four language skills of reading, listening, talking and writing in Spanish through learning about Latin America. Pupils will gain an understanding and appreciation of the countries that make up Latin America and be able to explore particular issues affecting some of these countries. Pupils will enhance their communication skills in Spanish by being able to take part in conversations, read articles and stories and listen to and understand TV and films in Spanish.


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