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Home Economics

R & W Scott Challenge

Every year at Carluke High school, the Home Economics department hold a competition for all first years. The idea of this competition is to design a celebration cake, in pairs, using R and W Scott fondant icing.


Out of the 10 classes taking part, a first and second place is awarded. Every pair in first place goes straight through to the final, and out of the pupils in second place, 5 pairs go through.


We decided to interview Mrs Forrest, one of the Home Economics teachers to find out more about the competition.

What is R and W Scott?

They are a jelly/jam works factory. They started up to use up all the soft fruit that grows in our area. They also make icing and marzipan.

How many years has the competition been running?

The competition has been running for 6 years.

What are the good things about the competition?

Well, it generates healthy competition, the pupils are working towards a goal, everyone will learn lots of skills and it's also very enjoyable!

What different celebration cakes have you seen over the years?

Well we used to do it at Christmas time, so it was all Christmas designs. But one year it was postponed because of the snow, so we decided to reschedule it for Spring. It has been held during Spring since then so we've had lots of different cake designs, such as Easter, Olympics, St Patrick's day, Diamond jubilee, anniversaries, birthdays and lots more!


Here are a couple of examples from this year.

Me and Bekahs cake Brys and Joshs cake


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