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Language & Communication (English)



S1 - S4 After School Club
The After school drama club will be on for the next 3 weeks Thursday 22nd February, 1 st March and 8th March and then will stop for senior exam preparation. (19.02.18)
Miss Walker

School Digital Leaders (Reminder)
We are looking to recruit a number of pupils from S1-S5 to the post of Digital Leader. This role will involve working in a team, with members of staff and pupils, to develop digital learning across the school and within the wider school community.

To register your interest in this post please visit the school website and complete the response form.

The closing date to register your interest is Wednesday 23 March. (15.02.18)

Big Battery Hunt – Eco Group

Did you know? Every year we throw away about 600 million batteries.
Over 20,000 tonnes end up in landfill- that’s as heavy as 4000 elephants!

Your Challenge

• Collect as many used batteries as possible
• Only collect AA, AAA, C & D type batteries
• Hand them into Mrs Wilson in Chemistry A201
• Each house team will have a separate battery box, the house with the most batteries collected by Easter will win house points
• The person who collects the most batteries will win a £25 voucher of their choice!!!

There are prizes for the school that collects the most nationwide!!!

Recycling batteries not only means they don’t end up in landfill sites, it also provides useful materials, such as the metals steel and zinc.

By taking part in the Big Battery Hunt, you’ll be doing something amazing to help the planet!!!

Thursday 22nd February 2018


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