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This useful website has sections on diets for children, lunch box ideas, fussy eaters and healthy eating for kids; all of which could be very helpful.

Carluke High School seeks to encourage all students to achieve at the highest possible level. Regular homework is a vital part of this strategy. This promotes a mature attitude to work, increases chances of exam success and encourages the development of skills which will be of use in later life.

To see the policy summary click here.

Click on the appropriate letter title to view the contents


Date Issued Year Group Subject Staff
5/8/14 S1-6 Lockers agreement 2014-15  
5/8/14 S4-6 Appeals Letter August 2014  
5/8/14 S1-6 School transport arrangements 2014  
5/8/14 S1-6 FAQ's to accompany transport letter  
26/6/14 S4-6 Implementation of new national qualifications Mr Smith
4/6/14 S1-6 Return of Locker Keys Mr Smith
12/5/14 S2-6 Parental Information Evenings Mr Smith
 2/5/14  S6  Letter to S6 pupils  Mr Kerr
 2/5/14  S6  Farewell leaving ceremony  Mr Kerr
 2/4/14  S4-6  SQA Exams 2014  Mr Kerr
 27/3/14  S4 National 5 Drama Practical Rehearsals Drama Department
 26/3/14  s1-6 Changes in charges to school meals Stephen Kelly
 27/02/14 S1/2 Trip to Ardeche 2015 Mr Shearer
 25/02/14  S1 PSE/Sexual Health & Relationships Mrs Craig
 28/01/14  S1 Cognative Ability Testing (CAT) Mr Shearer

Please find below the booklet that volunteer staff are using with targeted pupils in S4 and S5 pupils, to support them in their quest to pass SQA exams.

We think this booklet will be useful to all parents as they support their child in S4-S6 in the run up to the main diet of SQA exams. You may also find the pupil study guide and parent study useful.


To access the logbook click here.


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SQA exams, what can a parent do?

Many parents feel at a loss when their children enter S3 and above confused by the complicated systems of SQA exams, coursework and practical assessments.

If you feel like this you are not alone! The exam system has changed greatly over the years, and is continuing to change, and sometimes it feels as if it is best just to let the 'experts' at Carluke High School get on with it. But your involvement during these crucial years can make an enormous difference - the difference between success and failure or between 'C' and 'D' passes and 'A's and 'B's.

Parental support is eight times more important in determining a child's academic success than other factors, according to a study by The Campaign for Learning. (TES, 10 October 2003)

Please use these booklets below to help you and your child to successfully deal with studying.



What will happen if it becomes necessary to close the school early:


  • Bus pupils will be told to go to designated areas within the school building and will not be released until we know the buses have arrived.
  • Under no circumstances should bus pupils take it upon themselves to walk home. This is extremely dangerous at any time but particularly in difficult weather conditions.
  • Members of the Senior Management Team (SMT) remain in school until all pupils are safely collected or appropriate arrangements made with parents. Pupils who know they will be unable to get into their own house or that of a friend, relative or emergency contact must report to SMT in the 'Street'.
  • We would ask parents to ensure that their son / daughter know what they should do and where they should go in the event that the school is forced to close early due to bad weather. For bus pupils from outlying areas, this might include making arrangements to go home with a friend if the weather conditions prevent the bus driver being able to complete the normal route.
  • It is not possible for the school to individually phone parents to advise of an early closure. However, a text message will be sent to all parents via our Groupcall system. We would be grateful if you would ensure we have an up to date mobile number for you otherwise a message will be sent to the home number.
  • We understand that snow will always have its attractions to school pupils. However, all pupils should be aware that deliberately throwing snowballs at staff, visitors to the school, cars, buses or any part of the building is unacceptable behaviour. Pupils involved will have their parents contacted and further sanctions may also be applied.


In Carluke High School pupils are expected to take pride in their appearance and their school. The vast majority of Carluke High School parents have expressed their wish to see school uniform.

As a school we believe that it enhances the learning atmosphere and ethos of the school and as such we positively encourage pupils to wear school uniform.

In support of many parents' wishes, South Lanarkshire Council also encourages school uniform as it helps promote the identity of the school in the local community and fosters an ethos of sharing, and pride in the school.

We ask all parents/carers to support the school by encouraging your child(ren) to adhere to the agreed dress code and the wearing of our school uniform.

Equality of opportunity is an important aspect of the life of the school. Any proposals on the dress code and on what constitutes the school uniform will be the subject of discussion with the Parent Council and where appropriate consultation with parents, pupils and staff.

School uniform has a number of benefits including:

  • Encouraging a sense of belonging and pride in the school
  • Enhancing the school image in the community
  • Discouraging bullying which may arise from pupils not having certain items of clothing or footwear
  • Improving security on school trips through easy identification of Carluke High School pupils
  • Improving school security by easy identification of intruders

Carluke High School Uniform

  • Plain white shirt, buttoned to the neck
  • Carluke High School tie, done up to the neck
  • Plain black v-necked jumper or cardigan (optional)
  • Plain black trousers or skirt (skirts should be of an appropriate length)
  • Plain black shoes
  • Carluke High School blazer
  • Outerwear (coats, hats, etc.) may be worn in inclementweather. However, all of these should be removed when in the school building. (Lockers are available throughout the school).
blazer1   blazer3  blackblazer3
Senior Blazer   Senior Blazer S1-4 Blazer









The following items are not acceptable as school uniform:

  • Jeans, skinny jeans, leggings and jeggings
  • Combat trousers
  • Tracksuits and jogging bottoms
  • Branded clothing
  • Shorts or hotpants
  • Football colours
  • Clothing with slogans that may cause offence (anti-religious, symbolism or political slogans)
  • Clothing which advertises alcohol, tobacco or drugs
  • Clothing which can be deemed unsuitable in terms of health and safety grounds such as shell suits, combat style clothing, dangling earrings, loose fitting clothes particularly in practical classes
  • Articles of clothing that could be deemed to inflict damage on other pupils or be used by others to do so
  • Footwear that may damage flooring.
  • Other items as agreed

Support for parent/carers

In certain circumstances the Council provides support to parents/carers for the purchase of school wear.

Application forms for clothing grant are available from the Council‟s website: or from Q&A Offices, Audit and Development 01698 453504/453505/453213, the school or Education Resources, Almada Street, Hamilton, telephone 01698 454545

Parent's leaflet - click here

International Tie Application Form - Click here




If a parent/carer has any concerns regarding:

  • Difficulties with pick-up times, condition or mechanical faults these should now be reported to the School office on 01555 773680.

  • Behaviour on the bus, this should be reported to the School Office at Carluke High School on 01555 773680.


Introduction by the Head Teacher

As a prospective parent, I warmly welcome you to Carluke High School. The move from primary to secondary is undoubtedly one of life's milestones and an event that is looked forward to with much excitement and no little trepidation by children and their parents. This handbook is designed to give as much information as possible about the school, its aims and the opportunities which it offers. I hope it will give you an insight into our school and answer many of the questions that you have.

Carluke High School is a six year comprehensive, non-denominational secondary school with a current roll of 1199. In November 2007 we were delighted to move into a wonderful new state-of-the-art school which provides absolutely first-class facilities. The building has received much favourable comment from all of the many visitors we have had and I am sure our new environment for learning will encourage and inspire pupils and staff on a daily basis. The school is definitely very well equipped to serve the pupils of the area well into the 21st century. There is no doubt our new S1 will enjoy the additional excitement of the new facilities in addition to the usual thrill of 'moving to the big school'!

The key to developing a successful school is the quality of the relationships that exist between pupils, staff and parents. I believe 'nothing is more important than the way we treat one another' and we try our best to ensure this happens in practice and is not just a statement in our handbook!

This is not just your children's school – it is also yours! Please take the opportunity to join in and play an active part in affecting what goes on here. An active Parent Council strongly supports the school and its commitment to developing home school links. You will always be most welcome to visit the school at any time to see for yourself what we try to do and how successful we are in achieving our aims. Should you have any questions or concerns whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact me – I will be only too happy to help in any way I can.

Kindest regards.

Head Teacher

School Handbook 2017-18

If you would like to see the full School Handbook please click the link.


You will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view the handbook. If you do not have Adobe Reader then click the icon to download the latest version.


SCHOLAR is one of the world's largest school e-learning education programmes and it is available to every pupil studying Intermediate Maths and Highers/Advanced Highers in almost every school in Scotland. If your child does not have a SCHOLAR password, please encourage him or her to ask their teacher for this.

The SCHOLAR programme offers subjects which provide a route into careers in science, engineering, business and modern languages. For further study, SCHOLAR programmes articulate with courses at Heriot-Watt University and partner further education colleges.

SCHOLAR provides an integrated set of materials and services which meet the needs of both students and their teachers. These resources include:
•comprehensive online interactive learning materials, activities, assessments and revision packs;
•access to online communities, resources, monitoring information and information tools;
•study guides which contain key reference materials and learning activities;
•tutor notes with valuable curriculum and planning information.

The number of courses has increased considerably since the launch of SCHOLAR in 2000 and now stands at over 30. Thanks to funding from Education Scotland and our member authorities there is planned development of further courses.

Click here for more information or to login in

We hope you are looking forward to coming to Carluke High School. You will have a two day visit on 31st May and 1st June 2017 which will introduce you to the building and some of your teachers. Your parents are invited to attend Parents' Information Evening on 30th June 2017. A few days before you come you will be given a timetable which tells you which class you are in, which subjects you will have and where you will have them.

The two day visit is very important for the following reasons:

Senior pupils will show you where to go to all your classes.You will meet some of your new teachers.You will use a timetable for the first time.You begin new work, which you will continue after the summer holidays.You meet pupils from other Primary Schools who will be in your new class.You meet your Pupil Support Teacher.

Read on to find out some more important information you should know.

 What should I wear?

School Uniform PE Kit
Black Blazer Navy/black shorts
Black trousers/skirt Gym shoes/training shoes
White shirt/blouse White t-shirt/ House t-shirt
School tie Track suit strousers for outdoors
Black shoes  


People I should know 

Head Teacher
Mr A Smith

Mr Farquharson (Douglas)
Mr Roberts (Lee/Halbar)
Mrs McCormick (Milton)
Mr Kerr (Belstane/Kirkton)
Mr Shearer (Acting)

Pupil Support
Belstane Mr Shearer/Miss Campbell (Acting)
Douglas Mr O'Neill
Halbar Miss Strachan (Acting)
Kirkton Mrs Swan
Milton Mrs Robinson (Acting)
Lee Mrs Craig
Mrs McNulty


 School Times

Monday - Thursday
8.40-8.50am                   Registration
8.50-9.40am                   Period 1
9.40-10.30am                 Period2
10.30-11.20am               Period 3
11.20-11.35am               Morning Break
11.35am-12.25pm          Period 4
12.25-1.15pm                Period 5
1.15-1.55pm                  Lunchtime
1.55-2.45pm                  Period 6
2.45-3.35pm                  Period 7
8.40-8.50am                 Registration
8.50-9.40am                 Period 1
9.40-10.30am               Period 2
10.30-10.45am             Morning Break
10.45-11.35am             Period 3
11.35am-12.25pm        Period 4




The cafeteria is in the Street and offers a wide range of hot and cold food.

Pupils can pre-order their lunch at morning intervals.

Seating in the Street is also available to those pupils who prefer to bring a packed lunch.


 Fact or Fiction?

I'm told you get your head put down the toilet? FICTION   
I'm told there's a school ghost? FICTION  
I'm told you get rewards for good behaviour? FACT  Points are collected for a whole class so try your best.
I'm told you've got 15 different subjects in 1st year? FACT   See if you can remember them all.
I'm told I've got to wear school uniform? FACT   
I'm told you get tests every week? FICTION   
I'm told you have to do 5 hours homework every night?   FICTION   
I'm told you can join clubs after school? FACT   There's lots to choose from.
I'm told you get egged on your birthday? FICTION  
I'm told you get to make new friends? FACT  And they'll still be your friends when you leave school.











We would like your help in providing us with current email addresses to allow us to make contact more easily.

Our reasons for doing this are:

  • To reduce our postage bill which amounted to over £3,000 last financial year.
  • To ensure that your receive our mailings.

All email addresses held by the school are protected in the same way as other personal information and will not be disclosed to any third party. Data may only be used for the specific purpose for which we are collecting it in line with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998.


Please complete the form below then press submit.

1. Please enter the details of all the pupils you have at the school with their year group and register classes.

  Pupil Name Year Group Register Class (eg 1H2)


2. Please enter the details of the parents/carers. (This will be used by the office to help validate the email addresses.)

Title Name Relationship to Pupil(s) Email Address

October 2017

If you would like request a paper copy of the newsletter, please contact the school office (01555 773680).



You will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view the newletters. If you do not have Adobe Reader then click the icon to download the latest version.


FriendsofCHSblueThe Friends of Carluke High School has been set up to promote the interests and leisure pursuits of the pupils of Carluke High School and encourage co-operation within the community with the aim of improving conditions, facilities and opportunities.

We intend to identify projects that will enhance pupils' learning experiences and seek funding for extra curriculum activities by making grant applications to a range of external funding agencies. Our first application will be submitted in December 2011 so to keep track of our progress watch this space!

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Carluke High School.

To read our constitution please click on the link ...


Anyone who would like to find out more information or would like to join, please contact the school on 01555 773681, or email through the contacts page.

Here you will find some of the most commonly used forms in the school.

Click on a link to download and print a copy if you have lost or forgotten yours!




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