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Fair Trade Fortnight 2014

From 24th of February to the 9th of March 2014 Fair-trade fortnight is taking place. 2014 Fair-trade is all about bananas, they are the most popular fruit in the world and 2 years ago we spent over £550 million on bananas.

Why would you fundraise?

All the money we raise is going to the fair-trade innovation fund. Its not just bananas you can buy and not just food .Here are just some of the foods you can buy to raise money: chocolate, coffee, honey, and hot chocolate, ice-cream.

What is fair-trade?

Fair-trade is all about preferred prices, better cooperative surroundings, and local sustainability, and generous circumstances for farmers and employees in the growing earth.

Who are the producers?

At the heart of the fair-trade arrangement are the farmers and employees who are representatives of fair-trade accredited composed grouping.

Our opinion

We think, that fair-trade is very important and is one of the best fundraisers around today. We think it is good you can buy other stuff like cotton. There is no difference in fair-trade cotton and normal cotton.

We interviewed Sian, who is in our class and these were some of the questions we asked her. The first one was do you like the idea of fair trade and why? Sian's answer was yes because it is fair on the less fortunate people in other countries and in our own countries.

Another question we asked was do you think fair-trade is important and why? Her answer was yes because it gives people money and a fair life.

Have you always been interested in fair trade? Sian replied "I've not really thought about it but this year I think it is important because the price of things are going up and people have less money".

By Fiona and Erin


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