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McCall outraged at hib's decision to ban the Motherwell fans drum

McCall outraged at Hibernians decision to ban the Motherwell fans' drum from Easter road for last Saturdays match and any future matches

Motherwell Manager Stuart McCall was outraged when he heard of the ban, in an interview for he said "Surely anything that creates atmosphere should be encouraged, it's a
football match, not a church service. I find it a strange decision and disappointing. I've been to a few Hibs games and they have got a drum. So unless he's lost his drum and it's not fair that we've got a drum, I think it's strange."


Motherwell Skipper Keith Lasley also backed up the campaign to lift the ban, he tweeted, "Surely anything that creates atmosphere should be encouraged."

Well society chairman Graham Barnstaple in an interview for said "at many games this season, home and away, if it hadn't been for this section of our support there would have been no noise at games."

The drum was banned because the Hibernian fans complained about the noise, despite the fact that they had their drum and were making plenty ofnoise themselves, nevertheless the Motherwell fans had to make do with whistles.

Not having a drum to create atmosphere made a big difference to the way the Motherwell players played, they missed countless good chances, the game ending Hibernian 3-3 Motherwell. A result that is disappointing for both sides.



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