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Language & Communication (English)

Changes, changes, changes

Changes to Carluke High School

Carluke High School is changing a lot with the new Head Teacher and new uniform for the upcoming year.

The Head of Carluke High, Mr Smith, is changing the uniform for pupils to make them look smart and sophisticated.


This means that from next year there will be no leggings allowed, either smart trousers or a skirt. The shoes will be plain black, no bright colours.

We interviewed Amy, Katie and Jayme who are seniors of the school. They said that the uniform will cost more for people with younger siblings as they can't pass
their blazer down to them. They also think the new Blazers will not go with the tie because it is bright blue and the tie isn't. If they were the head teacher they said they would like to encourage more creative subjects. They feel sad that they will not be part of the uniform change.

Our senior pupils like Mr Smith because they see him a lot regularly and he interacts with everyone.

Ellie and Kirsty


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