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Curriculum for Excellence

Curriculum for Excellence has given the opportunity for all educators to work together. All teachers now have a responsibility for promoting the development of Numeracy. With an increased emphasis upon Numeracy for all young people, teachers will need to revisit and consolidate Numeracy skills throughout schooling. To this end I feel that it is important that "we" (all staff at Carluke High) deliver a consistent approach to "our" pupils. Pupils always have difficulties with transferable skills and if we can deliver consistent approaches of Numeracy across the school we will be helping our pupils become successful learners.

This information booklet has been produced to inform parents/carers and teachers how the Numeracy Outcomes from Curriculum for Excellence are taught within the Maths Department at Carluke High School.
It is hoped that use of the information in the booklet will help our parents/carers. You will hopefully be given an insight into the way number topics are being taught to your children in the school, making it easier for you to help them with their homework, and as a result improve their progress.





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