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October 2017

September 2017

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1. Objectives of the Parent Council

The objectives of the Parent Council are:

  • To work in partnership with the school to create a welcoming school which is inclusive for all parents.
  • To promote partnership between the school, its pupils and all its parents.
  • To develop and engage in activities which support the education and welfare of the pupils.
  • To identify and represent the views of parents on the education provided by the school and other matters affecting the education and welfare of the pupils.

2. Membership of the Parent Council

  • The membership will be a minimum of three parents of children attending the school.
  • The maximum size will be 15 parents of children attending the school.
  • Any parents of a child at the school can volunteer to be a member of the Parent Council. In the event that the number of volunteers exceeds the number of places set out in the constitution then the Parent Council will consider reviewing their structure.

3. Co-option to the Parent Council

3.1 A Parent Council may co-opt up to 14 people to assist it with carrying out its functions.

3.2 The number of parent members on the Parent Council must always be greater than co-opted members.

  • Co-opted membership would be for the following categories:
    • up to 4 members of staff
    • 2 school captains or vice-captains
    • 1 community police or representative
    • up to 2 school chaplainsup to 5 members of the local community
  • The Parent Council will extend an invitation to the local councillor(s) to attend meetings but he/she will not be a formal representative of the Parent Council.

4. Period of Tenure on the Parent Council

4.1 The Parent Council will be selected for a period of two years.

4.2 After which parents may put themselves forward for re-selection if they wish provided their child is still at the school.

4.3 Co-opted members will be invited to serve for a period of up to two years after which time the Parent Council will review and consider requirements for co-opted membership.

5. Selection of Chair / Postholders on the Parent Council

  • The Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer (if required) of the Council will be agreed by the Parent Council members at the first meeting immediately following its formation. Where necessary, selection will be undertaken by ballot.
  • Office bearers will be re-selected by the Parent Council on an annual basis.
  • The Parent Council will be chaired by a parent of a child attending Carluke High School. If the child ceases to be a pupil, a new Chair will be agreed at the next meeting.

6. Reporting / Meeting Arrangements

6.1 The Parent Council is accountable to the Parent Forum for Carluke High School and will make a report to it at least once each year on its activities on behalf of all the parents.

6.2 If 10% of members of the Parent Forum request a special general meeting to discuss issues falling within the Council's remit, the Parent Council shall arrange this. The Parent Council shall give all members of the Forum at least 2 weeks notice of the meeting and, at the same time, circulate notice of the matter, or matters, to be discussed at the meeting.

6.3 The Annual Meeting will be held in September of each year. A notice of the meeting including date, time, and place will be sent to all members of the Parent Forum at least 2 weeks in advance. The meeting will include:

  • a report on the work of the Parent Council and its committee(s)
  • selection of the new Parent Council
  • discussion of issues that members of the Parent Forum may wish to raise
  • approval of the accounts and appointment of the auditor.

6.4 The Parent Council will meet at least once in every school term. Should a vote be necessary to make a decision, each parent member at the meeting will have one vote, with the Chair having a casting vote in the event of a tie.

6.5 Any five members of the Parent Council can request that an additional meeting be held, and all members of the Parent Council will be given at least one week's notice of date, time and place of the meeting.

6.6 If a Parent Council member acts in a way that is considered by other members to undermine the objectives of the Parent Council, their membership of the Parent Council shall be terminated if the majority of parent members agree. Termination of membership would be confirmed in writing by the Chair or designated representative to the member.

7. Minutes / Procedures of Meetings

7.1 Copies of the minutes of all meetings will be available to all parents of children at Carluke High School and to all teachers / staff at the school. Copies will be available from the school office and will be posted on the school's website.

7.2 Meetings of the Parent Council shall be open to the public, unless the Parent Council is discussing an issue which it considers should be dealt with on a confidential basis. In such circumstances, only members of the Parent Council and the headteacher, or his or her representative, can attend.

8. Funds
[This section of the constitution will only apply if the Council decides to have fund raising capability]

8.1 The Treasurer will open a bank or building society account in the name of the Parent Council for all Parent Council funds. Withdrawals will require the signature of the Treasurer and one other Parent Council member.

8.2 The Treasurer will keep an accurate record of all income and expenditure, and will provide a summary of this for each Parent Council meeting and a full account for the Annual Meeting. The Parent Council accounts will be audited by the auditor appointed at the previous Annual Meeting.

8.3 The Parent Council shall be responsible for ensuring that all monies are used in accordance with the objectives of the Parent Council.

8.4 Should the Parent Council cease to exist, any remaining funds will be passed to the education authority to be used for the benefit of the school (or schools), where this continues.

9. Changes to the Constitution

9.1 The Parent Council may change its constitution after obtaining consent from members of the Parent Forum. Members of the Parent Forum will be sent a copy of any proposed amendment and given reasonable time to respond to the proposal.

9.2 A copy of the revised constitution must be sent the local education authority along with a list of Parent Council members.

Mrs Rebekah Bond-  Chairperson
Mrs Pamela Gashi - Vice Chair
Mrs Ursula Laing - Secretary
Mrs Lynn McFarlane
Mrs Jenny Russell
Mrs Jackie Hardisty
Mrs Bridget Mackay
Mrs Laura Coyle
Mrs Catriona MacDonald
Mr Paul Deacon

Mrs K McCormick Acting Head Teacher
Miss Eadie - Co-opted
Mrs Gillespie -Co-opted
Miss Glancy - Co-opted
Miss Paton - Co-opted

Abbie Cameron School Captain
Alexander Lannigan School Captain

Lynsey Hamilton
Eileen Logan
David Shearer
Poppy Corbett

The Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006 replaced School Boards with Parent Councils.

Parent Councils support parental involvement in the work and life of the school, and provide parents with opportunities to express their views on their children's education and learning.

The Parent Council is a statutory body and has the right to information and advice on matters affecting their children's education. The school and the local education authority must consult with the Parent Council and take their views into account whenever decisions are taken on the education provided by the school.

The Parent Council is made up of a group of parents selected by members of the Parent Forum to represent all the parents of the children at a school. It can also include community members, staff members and pupils. The Parent Council must establish a constitution detailing its aims, purpose, membership and meetings.

All parents who have children attending a local authority school belong to the Parent Forum. Parents are automatically members. As members of the Parent Forum they will be asked their opinion by the Parent Council on issues relating to the school and the education provided.
Members of the Parent Forum will:

  • receive information about the school and its activities
  • decide how the parent representative body, the Parent Council is organised and how it operates
  • identify issues they want the Parent Council to work on in the school
  • be asked their opinion , by the parent Council, on issues relating to the school ands the education it provides.

If you would like to contact the Parent Council call 01555663780 and leave your details with the school office.

Dates for session 2016-17

7th September 2016

26th October 2016

11th January 2017

29th March 2017

10th May 2017



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