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Hi my name is Reece and we are reporting on Street Level. Street Level is on Stewart Street, Carluke it is open to all ages from 12 to 25, and it is a great place to go to so give them a little visit but before you go here is a little bit of information about the place. Lots of you would want to know why the place was set up.

The place was set up because in Carluke there are not a lot of places for teenagers to go or keep them occupied. Street Level was set up because it is a place where people up to 26 can go to enjoy themselves. You also might want to know what clubs there are! Everyday is a drop in that means anyone can go in. On a Monday night there is a music group, on a Tuesday there is an art group and on a Wednesday there is a drama group and a user group (the user group is a group of people that do fundraising). Thursdays, there is a P7- 1st year night where only P7 and 1st year pupils are only allowed to go. Fridays it is drop in again and on Saturdays there is another P7- 1st year session. Sundays they are closed.

There is also a free pool after school. The kinds of things they have there are pool tables, PS3, Xbox, discos, table tennis and lots more! At Street Level the response has been good up to 300 people a week attend. I hope this is enough information for you to want to come.

There is also a Universal Connections in Lanark and Douglas so if you don't stay in Carluke give Lanark or Douglas UC a visit.

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Sadly, it appears that more and more children would rather play game consoles than read. I recently reflected on my own reading habits and began to question the importance of reading.

Carluke High School Remembers Holocaust Memorial Day


By Caitlyn

Holocaust Memorial Day is a day to remember the people that were victims of the genocide of World War 2. This was a time when over 6,000,000 Jews were killed just because they were a different religion. That is why we celebrate Holocaust Memorial Day every year- to remember those killed between 1939 and 1945. It was known as the deadliest conflict in history

An article which looks at weather we should come to school when it snows.

People have been shocked by the recent chaotic Scottish weather. The weather outside has been unbelievably cold. And while you all did wish for snow (and a cheeky snow day) the likelihood that you expected it in March, only days before Spring, were probably pretty slim.

The following article looks at the contrasting opinions about snow days, and whether if there is a snow, we should be expected to come to school.


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Have you got the stealth for the Commonwealth?


By Dylan

More than 10,000 people have put their name down to be volunteers at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow within hours of a recruitment drive being launched. However, they are still searching for further volunteers and YOU could have the chance to be part of the Commonwealth Games


Every year at Carluke High school, the Home Economics department hold a competition for all first years. The idea of this competition is to design a celebration cake, in pairs, using R and W Scott fondant icing.



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