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Anti Bullying Week Report

Our names are Erin and Fiona and we are here to talk to you about raising awareness of anti-bullying week. This event runs from the 18th-22nd November. We asked our 5th year buddies some questions about what they thought of bullying!


Fiona's buddy is called Abby and Erin's buddies are called Emma and Alisha. We first asked them what they thought of bullying and they said that's it is wrong and not worth your time. The second question we asked them was have you ever been bullied and if you have how did you feel and they said upset and wanted to be alone.

We then asked them where would you go for help and they said mum, friends, teacher. Then we asked them why they think people bully and they said issues at home and to get back at them.

Then we asked them what advice would they give to someone being bullied and they said talk to someone about. Another question we asked was where did you get bullied and they replied at school when they were nine to ten.

We think bullying is hurtful to others and mean; we would speak to our teacher or our buddies or our mum and dad for help. We think thereason people bully is to get their anger out but blaming it on others.

By Fiona and Erin


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