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Edinburgh Zoo welcomes a new baby koala!

Keepers at Edinburgh Zoo have revealed the gender of the UK's first baby koala.

Even though the little koala was born last September the male has spent most of his time in his mothers pouch or clinging to his mother's belly so the zoo keepers have only just been able to examine him.


They have decided to name him Yooranah, which is indigenous Australian for "loving".

The little one was only the size of a jelly-bean and was hairless and blind when he was born but he is now weighs a healthy 1lb 60z (632g).

Even though he has now fully emerged from his mother's pouch he still spends most of his day clinging to his mother, Alinga.

Edinburgh Zoo is the only zoo with koalas in the UK.

The keepers have started a regular weighing routine, but because he is still so small they are using a set of digital scales which are similar to the ones you'd use in cooking. He was given a koala bear soft toy from the zoos gift shop to cuddle whilst being weighed.

The following quotes have been selected from an interview by the BBC.

Senior Keeper Donald Glow said "It is very exciting to watch Yooranah as he grows. This is the first time a koala joey has been born in the UK so it is amazing to watch him develop from being pink and hairless into a fully formed, if tiny, koala."

"At the moment he seems to be all ears. He is also starting to develop his own personality, he can be quite feisty like his mother Alinga and his father Goonaroo."

It will be a very exciting time for Edinburgh Zoo as they watch Yooranah grow.

Written by Ailie

Information from the BBC News Website.



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