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Forth's new primary school is looking better than ever

Forth's new primary school will be ready for April 2014! Morgan Sindall has been planning the school since 2012 and started building in 2013.The school includes 8 classrooms, a nursery, gym hall, dining hall, a library and ICT zones.


The new school is getting built in the playground area of the old primary school and will be getting knocked down when everyone is settled into the new one. The school is located on Forth Main Street.

Forth primary

An open day will be held for everyone to go into the new school and see what it is like. Since the old school has been there since 1865 there will be a day to go in for the last time.

We interviewed Sian who was our class mate when we attended Forth primary school. She said 'I think it will make Forth look nicer, when it goes I think people who attended the school will be quite emotional.' She also thinks it is a good idea to build it because it will make Forth look smart.

By Ellie & Kirsty



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