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Credit Union


Carluke High School Credit Union

Congratulations to Rhona Struthers and Laura Kelly, both 1B, for winning the Credit Union Logo competition, which all our new S1 took part in as P7s last term.
Since learning of their success the girls have been working with Mr Williamson in the Art Department on a computer graphic version of their logo, and what a stylish design it is.

Carluke Credit Union

Carluke High School Credit Union launches on Wednesday 30 September and will operate as a collection point for Blantyre and South Lanarkshire Credit Union.
S1 pupils are being invited to apply for jobs with CHS Credit Union, as cashiers, tellers, supervisors and development workers, and we hope their energy and enthusiasm in running the collection point will make this project a great success. Many will already be familiar with credit unions through similar projects in primary schools.

Carluke High offers many educational excursions and one use pupils and parents may wish to make of a credit union membership is to save for these excursions over the course of the year. S1 pupils will be bringing home membership forms and a covering letter explaining how the collection point will operate. To ensure we have pass books ready for launch day, we are asking that completed membership forms be returned by Monday 21 September. Pupils interested in taking a position of responsibility within the credit union will be given job descriptions and an application form to take home. Applications for jobs should be returned by Monday 14 September.

The launch day event will involve all S1 pupils, and those who have opened an account will get the opportunity to make their first deposit. Thereafter, Tuesdays will be Credit Union day with the collection point open for business during lunchtimes. As the collection point becomes established we will open up membership to all year groups. We hope parents/carers will support this initiative which we believe will encourage good money management habits in our young people –planning ahead and saving regularly.

Please get in touch in you need further information.

Follow the launch of Carluke High School Credit Union on our Twitter page @CarlukeHS with the hashtag #savealot and on the website under Beyond the Classroom.


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