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Does chewing gum stay in your stomach for years?

True or False Does Chewing Gum Stay in Your Stomach for Years.

Ever since you were small people have been telling you myths about how if you swallow chewing gum it will stay in your stomach for years. These are all old wives tales.


From the time that you were a young child, people most likely warned you that swallowing gum is dangerous and to avoid it at all costs.

The most popular account of this myth is that the body does not digest your gum and will stay in your body for years. Old wives tales go a bit further in warning that the gum will grow into a tree inside your stomach. Better yet, people have been the gum will entangle itself around the intestines and eventually strangle them, causing your digestion process to cease. The various warnings are many and continue to this day.

While there is no harm in people warning you of the dangers of swallowing gum, there is no truth to the myths. Gum, although not intended to be swallowed, it goes through the same digestion process as foods that are meant for swallowing and eating. Unlike what the tales tell you, thegum still goes through your body it just takes a little longer (By a couple of days).

While swallowing chewing gum is not the intended way to dispose of it. It doesn't cause any harm. It just takes a little longer to get rid of it. It only takes a few extra days not years.

We asked 3 people and they all said they don't believe that chewing gum stays in you for years.

We have mixed opinions on this one of us think it sticks to the back of your lungs. But one of us thinks we can digest it but it just takes a little longer to digest.

By Cameron & Ian.



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