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Support For Learning


The Support for Learning Department is an intensely practical area of school life. 
It is directly concerned with enabling and empowering learners to access the curriculum in all subjects.


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Photos of the  S1-2 Nurture Group Burns Supper January 2016 are now available in the Image Gallery.

Who are we?

The Support for Learning Department is staffed by Mrs J Magnus, Principal Teacher and Mr G Cunningham (Behaviour Support).  Mr G Roberts (Depute Head Teacher) is the department's line manager.  The Support Services Assistant Auxiliaries assist within the department when they are not involved in their own duties.  We also receive Support Service provision from Mrs L Forbes.

Our Aim

The aim of the Support for Learning Department is to recognise the needs of learners, both in enhancing the curriculum for the more able and elaboration of the curriculum for the less able.  In addition, to develop strategies to empower learners, support teaching colleagues and deliver practical help in and outwith the classroom by a variety of methodologies and resources, and deliver a pupil centred curriculum.


The Support for Learning Department is based on the ground floor in Wing E.  It  comprises three rooms.  The department is well known for its friendly, welcoming atmosphere to pupils and staff.  


Pupils are usually identified in primary school and information on the needs of the child are transferred to Carluke High School when the Support for Learning Department visit the feeder primaries during April/May.  From this information a pupil profile is drawn up.  Referrals can also be made direct to the Support for Learning Department, Pupil Support or Senior Management at Parents evenings or at any other time.  These referrals will either be dealt with by the Support for Learning Department staff or, if necessary, in consultation with the Educational Psychologist.


The role of the Support for Learning Teacher

The Support for Learning staff play a very important role in the life of pupils and their parents and school staff.

Here are some of the ways in which we are involved:


Acting as consultant both formally and informally, to individual members of staff on all aspects of pupil learning, especially with regard to the appropriateness of the curriculum and assessment, the suitability of text materials, methodology and classroom organisation. 
Consultation is offered to

  • pupils and parents
  • teachers and departments
  • the Management team within the school.


This is where the subject teacher and the Support for Learning teacher works with a class of pupils.
The Support for Learning teacher can help promote a variety of learning experiences:

  • Group work
  • Paired Reading
  • Computer Assisted Learning
  • One-to-one

Subject teachers and the Support for Learning teacher work together to provide a "curriculum for all".


The Support for Learning teacher is a link between the school and other agencies offering information and help to individual pupils.

They liaise with:

  • Educational Psychologist
  • Speech and Language Specialist
  • Hearing Impaired Specialist
  • ESL Teacher
  • Social Work

The Support for Learning Department works very closely with Behaviour Support  and the Pupil Support Department within the school.

The Support for Learning Department are also involved with Primary liaison where visits are made to feeder primaries from March to June, and primary profiles are drawn up on identified pupils who are transferring to Carluke High School.

Direct tuition

The Support for Learning teacher provides specialist support for pupils experiencing difficulty in mastering the early processes of language and numeracy.  This can take the form of a small group situation or one-to-one tuition.  Some of these pupils may have an Additional Support Plan.

Staff Development

Assisting in staff development of colleagues, eg ipads across the curriculum, mind mapping etc.

Specialist Activities within the Support for Learning Department

Here are some of the specialist activities that pupils can participate in


There are always a few pupils in S1 who experience difficulty with basic literacy and who need individual support throughout their seconday school careers.  An attempt to address this crucial problem with language has been made by the Support for Learning Department and is known as fast-tracking.  It has been running for many years now and the results from this intensive course are very encouraging.

Two groups normally run for pupils in S1 from January until June.  It then starts again for them in S2 and runs until December.  It addresses problems with oral reading, reading comprehension and spelling.  The tuition is in a small group situatiion of from 4-6 pupils.  Each S1 pupil chosen will miss three or four periods from their normal classwork per week.  It is hoped that this loss will be far outweighed by the overall benefits, which the pupils will receive from working in a small group, concentrating on basic literacy skills.


BrainPOP creates animated, curriculum-based content including movies, quizzes, activity pages, high-interest readings, and much more, all delivered online and via the free Featured Movie App for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch or Android Device.  The Support for Learning Department are running a pilot scheme using BrainPOP within the school.  
Click here for more details.

You can try out BrainPOP by going to the website
Username: Carluke
Password: brainpop

Case study results - click here

Homework Club

The Homework Club runs within the Support for Learning Department every morning from 8.15am.  It is for all pupils who require assistance with their homework.  Pupils who have not been carrying out homework within classes and are referred to Pupil Support, will also use this time and support to catch up with homework not carried out.

S1 Being my Best

As part of our on-going commitment to raising achievement within Carluke High we have organised the provision for supporting the more able child in S1, known as Being my Best.  This is a school based, after school activity in S1 where pupils choose more work.  Believe it or not, school work can be exciting and interesting!  There is an opportunity for pupils to carry on with Being my Best in S2.

Every pupil who decides to take up the challenge to be their best will be asked to learn about a number of topics.  Some are listed below:

  • How the brain works, looking at intelligence, learning, emotion and creativity
  • Short and long term memory activities
  • Involve pupils in mind mapping activities, which encourage logical thinking skills and extend written capabilities
  • Improve organisational skills
  • Stretch able pupils into deeper thinking
  • Speed reading

 The course is bright and colourful, in order to generate interest.  This is particularly necessary to put across techniques such as mind mapping, where the use of colour is essential.  All these new skills will assist pupils in their learning, as they progress from S1-S6 and onto university. 

S2 Being my Best

As part of our on-going commitment to raising achievement within Carluke High we have organised the provision for supporting the more able child in S2, known as Being my Best.

The pupils involved are asked to carry out a piece of investigative work on a topic of their choice.  It takes place after school in the School Library.

During this time, part of the course is also spent looking at memory mapping, use of the internet and effective searching and how to set out an investigation.  We also look at learning styles and Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences - self perception questionnaire.

The top three investigations are rewarded with prizes at the school Prizegiving ceremony in June.

Support Services Assistant Auxiliaries

These auxiliaries provide invaluable support to enable pupils with difficulties to be educated within mainstream schools.

Their duties are flexible, according to the needs of the pupils, but may involve:

  • Accompanying pupils with mobility problems from class to class and attending to their personal needs at breaktimes
  • Assisting pupils  in class and in the support for learning base as required by the class teacher
  • supervising excercise programmes
  • assisting with special exam arrangements
  • helping to improve the organisational skills of the pupils
  • assisting in the administering of medication and nursing care

Specialist Support Services

This service exists to assist the school respond to the diversity on needs which exist in schools today.  It operates within, and contributes to the overall support for learning systems which the school provides.

We receive an allocation of time from one or more Specialist Support teachers.





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