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Any pupil may find difficulty with what they have to learn at some time or another regardless of ability. The policy of the Support for Learning Department is to provide help for pupils whenever and wherever it is needed.

Support for Learning staff identify and work with pupils who are experiencing difficulty. This may involve the Support for Learning staff supporting a particular pupil within their class, or extracting the pupil for more intensive, specialised help.

Another aspect of their work is assisting departments in the development of materials and teaching methods which will contribute to more effective teaching and learning. 

The range of additional support needs catered for is wide-ranging and includes specific learning difficulties (including dyslexia, ASD), problems of comprehension, difficulties arising from English being a second language or pupils having extended breaks from education. Some pupils are also entitled to special exam arrangements to assist them in demonstrating their capabilities.



Carluke High School also recognises wider aspects of need and supports young people to overcome the barriers presented by disabilities, as well those presented by social, emotional and behavioural factors.

The concept of Support for Learning is very much a responsibility of every member of staff and while the Support for Learning specialist provides expertise, every teacher has a part to play in the provision of Support for Learning.

Co-operative teaching is another useful tool in the provision of Support for Learning. This is where more than one teacher is available for any one class, giving greater support within that class to any pupil who may be finding problems with a particular topic.

Consultation with parents is a vital aspect of the development of pupils in any school. Any parent with concern about their child’s schooling should not hesitate to contact the school, initially through the relevant Pupil Support teacher.

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