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Carluke High School
Carnwath Road
South Lanarkshire

Tel: 01555 773680

Email: gw18carlukeoffice@glow.sch.uk

Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher: Mr Duffy

Depute Head Teachers: 

Mrs Hope

Mr McCallum

Mr Robertson

Mr Shearer 

Mrs Sim

Senior Management Remits

In order to further develop our support for pupils in Carluke High School, each Principal Teacher of Pupil Support will be linked with a Depute Head Teacher. 
The management of pupils will now be done on a House basis, instead of by year groups.

The links are as follows:

Belstane – Mrs Graham (Acting) and Mr Shearer DHT 
Douglas – Mr O’Neill and Mrs Sim DHT
Halbar –  Mrs Turnbull (Acting) and Mrs Hope DHT
Kirkton – Mr Lang and Mr Robertson DHT
Lee – Ms Rafferty (Acting) and Mr McCallum DHT 
Milton – Mrs Hall, Mr Connelly (Acting) and Mrs Hope DHT