Carluke High School Library is situated on the first floor of Wing A.

The Library has been managed by our school librarian, Mrs Linda Martin since 1987.

It contains a stock of around 10,000 books, an up-to-date, wide and varied range of both fiction and non-fiction, which are available to both pupils and staff to borrow.

The library is open throughout the day and is available to pupils during non-teaching times.

 “The school library is at the heart of a school which itself has learning at its core and good libraries can empower the learner. The resources in our library can allow imaginations to roam free, introduce us to knowledge and enjoyment."

“By supporting and giving access to a broad range of information sources the school library can motivate pupils and stimulate learning by providing the means to freely pursue subjects which fully engage them”

Charles Clarke, Secretary of State for Education and Skills,
Good School Libraries; making a difference, 2003


School Library Deku Read to grow your mind

Opening times

The library is open as follows:

  • Monday - Thursday 8am - 4pm
  • Friday -  8am - 1pm
  • Open after school on request
  • The library is open to pupils at breaktimes and lunchtimes.

 Library Stock

We have a large selection of fiction books which are organised into 

  • Junior Fiction
  • Young Adult 
  • Senior Fiction

There is also a selection of audio books which can be borrowed.

Non-Fiction books are arranged by the Dewey Decimal System and can also be borrowed.

We also have a Reference Section and Topic Box Collections for use in classes.

Borrowing Books

S1-3 can borrow one book at a time, S4-6 can borrow as many as are required.

The lending period is 4 weeks,  then they can be renewed for another 4 weeks on request.

Reference Books may not be borrowed.

If books are lost or damaged, this should be reported to the librarian.

There is a charge for lost or damaged books


The library has:

8 network linked PC's

8 chrome books


which can be booked for use.

Special Events

National Poetry Day

Each October we host a National Poetry Day event in the library where pupils are encourage to write their own poems on the theme of the year and then perform them in our annual showcase.

World Book Day

The whole school becomes involved in activities for World Book Day, from DEAR to Flipgrids and the highlight is when staff and pupils decorate their classroom doors along a literary theme.


The school careers advisor, Dawn Smith, is based in the library.

Pupils can make appointments to see her as required.

Reading Lists

Horror Reading List

LGBTQ+ Reading List

Survive and Thrive: your mental health & well-being