Pupil Support

Pupil Support (ID 1189)

Pupil Support in Carluke High School aims:

  • to ensure that each pupil knows and is known personally and in some depth by at least one member of staff; 
  • to support the pupil’s personal, social, and intellectual development; 
  • to help the pupil be aware of his/her own development and accept responsibility for it; 
  • to identify and respond quickly and appropriately to the specific needs of the individual; 
  • to foster the development of good relations between teachers and pupils; 
  • to work well with the home in all aspects of pupil development; 
  • to liaise with support and welfare services; 
  • to support ambitious levels of attainment and achievement for all pupils;


In our Pupil Support structure, pupils remain in the same ‘house’ all through their time in Carluke High School.
Each pupil will have the same Pupil Support teacher all the way through their school life; this aids the attainment of the above objectives.


Carluke High School Pupil Support staff lead a monthly morning assembly and also teach the Personal and Social Education (PSE) programme:
designed to ensure that all pupils cover some aspects of social education and personal development not otherwise covered by individual subjects.
There are specific skills and attitudes which as a school we would want to foster in our pupils, to prepare them for future life and to become effective and well-balanced citizens.
Topics covered include drugs (including nicotine and alcohol), vandalism, equal opportunities, study skills, health (including sex education, HIV and Aids), careers, living in a multi-cultural society and other aspects of modern living. All topics are addressed using a skills-based approach.
The programme is taught by promoted Pupil Support staff and is taught to all years.
It is appreciated that all staff have a part to play in promoting such ideals through their dealings with the pupils and through their subjects – many of which overlap PSE topics.

There are also regular individual interviews between pupils and Pupil Support staff and Subject teachers on the development of pupils. On concern being expressed by a parent or teacher on any matter, Pupil Support staff look into the matter, report back and, if necessary, initiate action internally, through parents and /or external agencies.

Consultation with parents is a vital aspect of the development of pupils in any school. Any parent with concern about their child’s schooling should not hesitate to contact the school, initially through the relevant Pupil Support teacher.


Belstane House 

Douglas House

Halbar House

Kirkton House

Lee House

Milton House



 Partnership Working


This leaflet provides a list of our current school partners who work closely with Pupil Support (including Support for Learning and SEBN).
This should provide you with a brief summary of the wonderful work our key partners complete with our young people in Carluke High School.
It will help you to put names to faces and see many of the key adults working around the school building.


ps partner leaflet chs 23.pdf