Wellbeing Scotland

Counselling in Schools Information


Janine & Donna from Wellbeing Scotland are working in our school full time. They will be working with children to provide a therapeutic counselling service supporting and developing the health and wellbeing of our pupils.

It can be difficult for a child/young person to talk about their feelings, especially to someone they don’t know however it is important that they can openly explore and discuss their feelings. Our Counsellors will offer each individual pupil a safe, calm space to explore what is going on for them and work together to look at ways that can support them. They will help them work through and deal with the difficult challenge’s life can present. Overall, this service will allow each pupil to gain valuable knowledge and skills to promote their health and wellbeing.

The sessions will run in an age-appropriate manner using a Person-Centred approach, bringing in other activities such as play, art, drama, and mindfulness techniques to promote: Self-awareness, Safety, Resilience, Self-esteem, Confidence, understanding emotions and how to deal with emotions.

Each child’s work will be kept private and confidential within Wellbeing Scotland. However, information will be shared if pupils agree or if risk of harm is identified. Any information that could jeopardise the safety of a child will be shared, and parents will be informed following school protocol.

Janine’s working days are Monday to Thursday, and Donna works on a Friday. They can be contacted by email:



or phone: 07762307332.